Getting Organized – Die Cut Alphabet Organization

21 Apr IMG_7429










Now that I have my new and awesome Sizzix machine and I am cutting out letter and numbers like a crazy person for cards.  I needed a way to organize my piles of characters. Continue reading

Cards, Cards, Cards – Cutting paper is fun

20 Apr

As I am trying to use up my vast amount of supplies and trying to come up with some new things so that I can perfect them and list them on the Etsy site.  ———> Link on the right!!!    You will see below that I created 3 cards that I am trying to just get the ideas out there and testing some new ideas.  Would love feedback on any of them.

Card #1

Here is an Easter card I came up with.  The point was to have a sunrise in the back the crosses and He’s risen are printed on velum and then I made a border.   They are put on a 4×6 card with foam squares to give more depth.


card with velum overlay

the background could maybe use some work but you get the idea.  I have more ideas for this one and will work on other variations.

Card #2

A sympathy card that I made for the Mother-In-Law.    I wanted to use the velum again and was trying to figure out the best way to keep it muted!


card with velum and bling

I made the grey background out of the shimmery sliver paper.  I cut the velum long so that it would wrap around the sides so that I could secure it in the back.  I then added a boarder which luckily fit.  It wasn’t exactly planned when I made the “with Sympathy” and then added bling embellishments on the sides.   This card ended up being extra special for my mother in law because the flowers for Nana’s funeral were all White and Red, which I didn’t know.  Intuition at it’s finest.

Card #3

Super simple Easter card.   This is what happens when you only have an hour to make 3 cards.


Simple Easter card

I used my favorite new tool, my sizzix bigkick, to create the letters in various colors.  I wasn’t even going to attempt to try to make them straight so I deliberately made them whimsy.    Added a flower and some bling embellishments and off we went.

Hope you liked these card ideas.  There will be more to come as I come up with ideas and please go and check out the Etsy site for all your invitation needs.  Prices for digital cards are just $5 and I have them done in less than 24 hours!!!

Have a Happy Easter Everybody!!!!

See you soon!!!




Frozen invites are here – Etsy Shop madness

17 Apr Frozen2Gen

Trying to find that one thing that is going to drive a new business is difficult.  I was so excited about my Jersey invites, but it’s almost too much of niche market.  So I started building my Disney collection of invites and what better way to promote my business than to have a line of Frozen invites.  After all, it is the highest grossing Disney movie of all time  :)

Here is the collection.  Each photo is hyperlinked to the listing in my Etsy Store.

Frozen Boy





All invitations can be customized.  Do you like an element from one but would like it on another?  No Problem.  Want the font changed?  Easy.  Please share with anybody you know that is a huge fan of the movie.

Also, these can be invites for ANYTHING.  It could be a frozen movie party.  Also I could take out the wording and add pictures as Thank You notes for the Frozen birthday party.  The sky is the limit!!!!

I hope you like them.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week for more card ideas, non-digital this time  :)


New ideas – Products coming soon!!!

14 Apr

Hi everybody,

I have been in Etsy mode.  I have so many ideas and wanted to get your thoughts  :)

Here are some things I am tossing around in my head.

  • Updates to my Digital Disney Cars invites, got some inspiration from my first order
  • Digital Disney Frozen invites coming
  • Bridal Party thank-you notes.   Custom color to match your bridal party.  Can also create a custom inside to be an invitation to a shower or the rehearsal dinner.
  • Shower invites (Baby or Wedding) featuring a velum overlay

These ideas are just in my head right now and will hopefully get some of them created this weeks so I can share with you.

Most posts coming, I did some creating with my Sizzix this weekend!!! Excited to share.



Click the logo below check out my shop, and check back often  ;)



Know somebody having a sports themed party??  Please share my invites for creation now on Etsy!!!  Sports Invite

Thanks for visiting and as always your feedback is appreciated.

Be back soon!!!!


Photo Editing: 2 Pictures = 1 awesome family photo

9 Apr

Ok trying to get a family picture with a 2 year old and 2 parents and have it come out good seems impossible sometimes.

With the help of my father in law taking the pictures and a little help from my photo editing software we have a great picture where we all look great!!!!

Original #1


Original #2

IMG_0590 (1)

Awesome family picture!!



For all my photo editing needs I use Panstoria’s Historian, or Memory Manager as formally distributed by Creative Memories.   I love being able to organize my picture and edit and easily get them back out so I can post places like this!!!!

Happy Wednesday everybody!!!!




Super Easy Project: Grocery List Pouch

1 Apr IMG_2751

Happy April Everybody!!!!  Hopefully spring actually be here soon.  At this rate we might just go right into Summer.   Here is a simple idea that I came up with over the weekend.  I am very into couponing right now and it’s awesome because let’s face it Coupons are basically free money.  They can be pain and time consuming but if you make it part of the grocery list process it’s totally worth it.

I had been using Envelopes for my coupons, I write my list on the outside and put the coupons on the inside and off to the store I go.  But now I have no envelopes left.  So I am going to use the large amount of Cardstock that I have right now  Shameless plug alert:  Check out my site WarmTidings for my awesome cards and invitations – there’s a link to the right too ——>

Ok back to the project….

Take your normal 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper


Fold in half a staple (or tape) the sides

Now you have a front and back to write you list on





An an opening for all of those coupons





It’s a super simple project and then that way you have everything in one spot, you are organized and then not fumbling while at the store.

Have a great day everybody, see you later in the week for ideas and projects.  Hoping to get some more things posted to the Etsy site later this week.


Pens & Paper – Can too much hinder productivity?

28 Mar

I love office supplies.  I could spend hours and hours in a Staples or an Office Max.  Now that I work for an Office Supply Wholesale/Distribution company I have access to even more.

So…. Continue reading

Organizing for productivity

27 Mar

Last weekend I was in an organizing mood and was a little anxious about being more organized.  Let’s face it you can’t be 100% organized all of the time.  It’s not even an option when you have a toddler and another job.  At least it isn’t for me.  So with starting the Etsy Site and trying to make sure I have everything ready if I get orders I wanted to make sure I had all of my stuff in one spot instead of piled in a bin.

Here is the Before…



So with an inexpensive file bin from Staples and hanging file folders that I already had here is my newly organized file box


I have my box of cards at the front of the bin with what I already have listed for sale.  I have all of my Paper and embellishments in the folders ready to go when I need them.  I will also have spots for specific projects if I have to pre-cut or don’t have them put together yet.

and this is what my bin looks like now.  It’s just my tools



It’s all about things having a place and making sure they are organized logically.  For example I separated my stickers into Alphabets vs Embellishments.  Why?  Because then I don’t have to sort through them all if I am looking for one or the other.

So then with my new motivation for organizing I helped a friend get all of her scrapbook stuff organized.  The Pictures with the papers she was going to use.  So then it will be much easier for her to get going on her projects because everything is no longer in a huge daunting pile that is easier to ignore.  :D

Putting everything in one spot make productivity that much easier.  Let’s see how many projects I can crank out this weekend.  Stay tuned for more posts!!!

Tomorrow’s post – Can too many pens & pads of paper hamper productivity???

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Sizzix Deal on

27 Mar

Hi everybody had to share the great deal that I got on a Sizzix BigKick machine on

I just got the Machine and 2 dies for $54.89.  CLICK HERE

Today the Bundle is $60.99

Sign up for emails and get an additional 10% off

All orders over $50 are FREE SHIPPING

So the math works to $54.89



The deal includes the following

      The Sizzix BIGkick machine with two die designs will emboss or etch beautiful designs onto different shapes of Vintaj blanks. Included with the BIGkick is a pair of standard cutting pads and the solo platform and shim for your convenience.
    • Color: Tan, brown, turquoise
    • Model: 30291
    • Accommodates material up to: 6 inches x 12 inches
    • Designs included: Wildflower vines, forgotten times
    • Type of cartridge or die included: DecoEtch & DecoEmboss dies for use with Vintaj metal blanks and malleable metals only.(Other dies sold separately)
    • Kit, package or single item: Kit
    • Product can be used with: Dies also compatible with Big Shot, BIGkick, Big Shot Pro
    • Embossing: Yes
    • Suggested user level: All
    • Included accessories: Standard cutting pads, solo platform/ shim
    • Materials: Solid core steel rollers, unibody cast roller housing, solid steel gears, high torque motor, ABS plastic exterior
    • Dimensions: 12-1/4 inches x 6 inches x 14.5 inches
    • Imported


Easter Cards are coming!!!!

25 Mar

I posted the first of many Easter Cards coming on the Etsy site!!!  The best thing about digital cards is that they are subjective.

Wand more tulips?? I can add more tulips.  

Want squires instead of bunnies?  DONE.  

Want more than 1 picture?  Easy.  

Click on the picture to go to my site WarmTidings

Easter Card 1


Want a custom card, invite, announcement?   Send me an email at and we can get started.  All digital cards cost just $5 payable via PayPal or check or if you go through the Etsy site you can pay with a credit card.

Available in any size you want.  I mainly work in 5×7 or 4×6 but as you will see on the Etsy site there are 4×8 there too  :)

I will email you the digital file in a high resolution JPEG format.  I will also send you the link to the file uploaded to shutterfly, along with coupon codes if applicable, so all you have to do is order.

I would love feedback on any thing you would like to see.

Here is what’s coming yet….

I am working on packs of 5 physical cards both religious and secular.  Hoping to have those posted this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by today!!!



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