It’s all about the Priority Flat Rate Box

While surfing Pinterest I found that I can make magazine holders from Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.  So, it got me thinking, what else can I use a flat rate box for?  For Valentines day I made a little scrapbook for Brian from Jack.  

To Create the pages I created mini 4×6 scrapbook pages using Creative Memories Story Book Creator 4.0.  Printed the pages on Photo Paper using my printer.  Measure in a priority mail box 4x 6 1/2 inch squares, 1 for ever 2 pictures (book is double sided) place the photos on the cardboard.  Punch holes on the side to get ready to bind your book.  Then use Paper clips to keep it all together.  

It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way of making something special for that special someone especially when it’s from the kids!!!!

I am now inspired to find more ways to use Priority Mail boxes!!!  

Want to learn more about Creative Memories and the Products they offer? I can help.  Website  Facebook page:  email:





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