When people think about scrapbooking they think of this overwhelming huge thing that takes an entire year, or much much longer, to create and then eventually enjoy.

What about breaking down your family’s year of events into Themes?  My husband and I have season tickets to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team and we love to take pictures.  So, for the second year in a row I gave my husband a book with all of the pictures we took at the games, and with the stats of the game in the book.  Now instead of looking back either online or in a Brewers year book to see what games we went to we can look back at the book with our personal touches, our pictures and our thoughts of the game.  Check out the link below to see the book

Other ideas for Theme books?

  • Baby’s first year (I am starting my son’s now)
  • Kid’s sports season
  • Basketball games
  • Dance, ballet season.
  • Weddings and all things that go with them

My main goal for this is so that when my son gets older he will love taking out all of the books and enjoying all of the pictures of his mommy and daddy and then more and more pictures of him.

Want to create custom books of your own?  I can help you get started, or would be happy to do it for you.

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Happy Memory Preserving everybody!!

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MARCH SALE: Power Palettes & Cricut Cartriges

Creative Memories has been doing a lot of sales lately because let’s face it, everybody loves a sale.

Do you have pictures all over the place that you want to do something with but don’t know how.  Are you a card maker and have a Cricut Machine but have hardly ever used it?  NOW is the time to do something about it, because in the summer we know those pictures pile up even more, so let’s get organized and sharing all of our memories with our families and friends.

From now until the end of March Creative Memories Power Palletes are on sale for just $49 (orginally $60.50).  Power Paletes on my Site

What is a Power Palette? They are color coordinated sets of paper that take the guess work of “does this go together”  Includes Tone on tone paper, Designers prints paper, stickers, Paper Embellishments (that don’t look like paper)

What are the advantages?


  • Everything matches
  • Making picking your pieces simple


  • Coordinated theme-specific (holidays, birthdays, etc.) Additions can help your Power Palette carry an album all year long


  • Papers set a tone, stickers help send a message, decorations enhance and embellish.

Add embellishments to your pages by using your Circut.

Exclusive Cartriges from Creative Memories are on sale for ONE DAY ONLY Monday, March 26, 2012 from 9am to 9pm.  For every cartrige you purchase at full price $55 you get a second at 30% offf $38.50 Visit my website to place your orders!!!!

Hope everybody has a wonderful Sunday.  Please feel free to like my facebook page and watch for more deals in the months to come.


Happy Memory Preserving Everybody!!!!


New Creative Memories Products – Custom Album Pages!

So of course I am going to promote my side business on my blog.

The thing that I am most excited about in March is the Custom Album pages.  As you have seen in previous posts I am a digital scrapbooker and clearly like to do as much as I can on my computer.  FYI I would die if my laptop died, maybe it’s time to back it up.  🙂

What are custom album pages?

Here is the link

In a nutshell – it’s digital page prints (Creative Memories prints them) printed on Traditional scrapbook pages.  What’s the benefit?  It’s for those of us that either A. Like to do hybrid scrapbooking (both traditional and digital in the same book) or those that like the look of the traditional book but the joy of doing all the work digitally.

Love, love, love this idea!!!

Thank you Creative Memories!

Happy Creating everybody.  If you want to see how to make your own Custom album pages email me at TODAY!!!

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A little less of me…Time for Organization and Simplification – The Plastic Grocery Bag

I had my gall bladder removed this week.  What is a gall bladder you ask?  Well it’s another one of those useless organs that we can just live with out and will NEVER miss.  So, thanks to my little guy for giving me gall stones, out it came.  So, while I was laying in bed this week I started thinking about how to simplify our lives, because summer is coming and it’s all about the family and not worrying about life and just having fun.

I have been thinking about things I can use around the apartment that could serve another purpose.

Plastic Grocery Bags 

  1. GREAT as packaging material:  We sell a ton of stuff on eBay and instead of buying bubble wrap I use the Plastic grocery bags to cushion my envelopes
  2. A Lunch box:  This one is almost obvious, but when you have 100 plastic bags in your cabinet, you DON’T need to go and buy yourself a fancy new lunch box to carry your lunch in, plus if you are using plastic storage containers, most of those lunch boxes don’t fit anything, These are way more roomie.
  3. A Diaper Stink Controller:  Instead of buying the bags to put diapers in to control the stink, just have a couple of grocery bags stuffed in the diaper bag.
  4. A Dog Poop Bag:  I may need to spread the word to others in my apartment complex about this.  Guess what people if you use a bag it WON’T get on your hands.
  5. A GROCERY BAG:  This almost seems silly but think about it, even if we used the bags twice that’s huge.  I know that they rip really easy and getting two uses out of them sometimes just isn’t possible but it’s a thought right?

Stay tuned:  I am concocting some new things to do with Priority Mail Boxes.  I am going to put some things together and then I will post with pictures.

Hope everybody has a great day, Happy St. Patty’s day, please be safe and responsible.


The Many Faces of Scrapbooking

When people say “Scrapbooking” so many people cringe and run away in fear.  Do you take pictures?  In the digital age we take more pictures than ever before whether it’s with a digital camera, a cell phone, an ipad more and more of our life events and even the little things in life are being captured.  But the issue is how many of those pictures are ever looked at again?

I want to introduce you to 4 different types of scrapbooking to meet all of your photo needs.

1.  The Traditional Scrapbook – This is cropping your photos, cutting paper gluing things down pulling out all of the tools.  While this can be the most overwhelming form of scrapbooking, to some it is the most therapeutic form, some people really enjoy cutting the paper and figuring out how to lay out the page.

2.  The Slide-In Scrapbook – For those that still love the printed picture, but want the guess work of how to put a page together limited.  Just slide in the pictures, add some embelishments and frames and presto a book is done.

3.  The Digital Scrapbook – All it takes is a computer (with the software), your digital photos in one spot and some content (which some comes with the software) and away you go.  This is how I do all of my books.  It’s so easy to stay ahead and on top of things.  I am excited because then when my son gets a little bit older he can enjoy all of the books I have done.  It also helps that my husband loves the books too.

4. Let me do it for you – Love the look of books but don’t have the time, let me do them for you.  Tell me the format and get me pictures and away I go.  It’s that simple.  I love doing books and know how important it is to share the memories and to look back at pictures.

A Traditional Page


A Slide-in Page

A Digital Page

Want to get started on your book today, or have me get started on your book?

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