The Many Faces of Scrapbooking

When people say “Scrapbooking” so many people cringe and run away in fear.  Do you take pictures?  In the digital age we take more pictures than ever before whether it’s with a digital camera, a cell phone, an ipad more and more of our life events and even the little things in life are being captured.  But the issue is how many of those pictures are ever looked at again?

I want to introduce you to 4 different types of scrapbooking to meet all of your photo needs.

1.  The Traditional Scrapbook – This is cropping your photos, cutting paper gluing things down pulling out all of the tools.  While this can be the most overwhelming form of scrapbooking, to some it is the most therapeutic form, some people really enjoy cutting the paper and figuring out how to lay out the page.

2.  The Slide-In Scrapbook – For those that still love the printed picture, but want the guess work of how to put a page together limited.  Just slide in the pictures, add some embelishments and frames and presto a book is done.

3.  The Digital Scrapbook – All it takes is a computer (with the software), your digital photos in one spot and some content (which some comes with the software) and away you go.  This is how I do all of my books.  It’s so easy to stay ahead and on top of things.  I am excited because then when my son gets a little bit older he can enjoy all of the books I have done.  It also helps that my husband loves the books too.

4. Let me do it for you – Love the look of books but don’t have the time, let me do them for you.  Tell me the format and get me pictures and away I go.  It’s that simple.  I love doing books and know how important it is to share the memories and to look back at pictures.

A Traditional Page


A Slide-in Page

A Digital Page

Want to get started on your book today, or have me get started on your book?

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