A little less of me…Time for Organization and Simplification – The Plastic Grocery Bag

I had my gall bladder removed this week.  What is a gall bladder you ask?  Well it’s another one of those useless organs that we can just live with out and will NEVER miss.  So, thanks to my little guy for giving me gall stones, out it came.  So, while I was laying in bed this week I started thinking about how to simplify our lives, because summer is coming and it’s all about the family and not worrying about life and just having fun.

I have been thinking about things I can use around the apartment that could serve another purpose.

Plastic Grocery Bags 

  1. GREAT as packaging material:  We sell a ton of stuff on eBay and instead of buying bubble wrap I use the Plastic grocery bags to cushion my envelopes
  2. A Lunch box:  This one is almost obvious, but when you have 100 plastic bags in your cabinet, you DON’T need to go and buy yourself a fancy new lunch box to carry your lunch in, plus if you are using plastic storage containers, most of those lunch boxes don’t fit anything, These are way more roomie.
  3. A Diaper Stink Controller:  Instead of buying the bags to put diapers in to control the stink, just have a couple of grocery bags stuffed in the diaper bag.
  4. A Dog Poop Bag:  I may need to spread the word to others in my apartment complex about this.  Guess what people if you use a bag it WON’T get on your hands.
  5. A GROCERY BAG:  This almost seems silly but think about it, even if we used the bags twice that’s huge.  I know that they rip really easy and getting two uses out of them sometimes just isn’t possible but it’s a thought right?

Stay tuned:  I am concocting some new things to do with Priority Mail Boxes.  I am going to put some things together and then I will post with pictures.

Hope everybody has a great day, Happy St. Patty’s day, please be safe and responsible.



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