MARCH SALE: Power Palettes & Cricut Cartriges

Creative Memories has been doing a lot of sales lately because let’s face it, everybody loves a sale.

Do you have pictures all over the place that you want to do something with but don’t know how.  Are you a card maker and have a Cricut Machine but have hardly ever used it?  NOW is the time to do something about it, because in the summer we know those pictures pile up even more, so let’s get organized and sharing all of our memories with our families and friends.

From now until the end of March Creative Memories Power Palletes are on sale for just $49 (orginally $60.50).  Power Paletes on my Site

What is a Power Palette? They are color coordinated sets of paper that take the guess work of “does this go together”  Includes Tone on tone paper, Designers prints paper, stickers, Paper Embellishments (that don’t look like paper)

What are the advantages?


  • Everything matches
  • Making picking your pieces simple


  • Coordinated theme-specific (holidays, birthdays, etc.) Additions can help your Power Palette carry an album all year long


  • Papers set a tone, stickers help send a message, decorations enhance and embellish.

Add embellishments to your pages by using your Circut.

Exclusive Cartriges from Creative Memories are on sale for ONE DAY ONLY Monday, March 26, 2012 from 9am to 9pm.  For every cartrige you purchase at full price $55 you get a second at 30% offf $38.50 Visit my website to place your orders!!!!

Hope everybody has a wonderful Sunday.  Please feel free to like my facebook page and watch for more deals in the months to come.


Happy Memory Preserving Everybody!!!!



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