When people think about scrapbooking they think of this overwhelming huge thing that takes an entire year, or much much longer, to create and then eventually enjoy.

What about breaking down your family’s year of events into Themes?  My husband and I have season tickets to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team and we love to take pictures.  So, for the second year in a row I gave my husband a book with all of the pictures we took at the games, and with the stats of the game in the book.  Now instead of looking back either online or in a Brewers year book to see what games we went to we can look back at the book with our personal touches, our pictures and our thoughts of the game.  Check out the link below to see the book

Other ideas for Theme books?

  • Baby’s first year (I am starting my son’s now)
  • Kid’s sports season
  • Basketball games
  • Dance, ballet season.
  • Weddings and all things that go with them

My main goal for this is so that when my son gets older he will love taking out all of the books and enjoying all of the pictures of his mommy and daddy and then more and more pictures of him.

Want to create custom books of your own?  I can help you get started, or would be happy to do it for you.

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Happy Memory Preserving everybody!!

Have a great weekend



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