Happy Mother’s Day!! Awesome Storage Idea

Being a mommy that formula feeds her baby I got to thinking about the formula containers.  I mean seriously we go through one of these things a week there has to be another use for them.  Then it came to me, STORAGE.  Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a freak about storage containers, for me the best gift was the BOX.  I got to thinking about what can I put in these to help keep this new mommy organized.  I found the perfect solution, scrapbooking supplies.  I keep all of my embelishments and pens in the containers so they are easy to grab when I have to make cards for special days like Mothers day.

Depending on what you are putting in them you can take the lid off or keep it on and it makes easy stacking.  Also by Removing the label, Similac labels are easy to remove, you can write on each one using a sharpie what the contents are.


Hope all of the mommies out there have a Great Mother’s day and hope you enjoy my storage ideas!!!