31 Days of Christmas: Day 5 – Page Prints

I have done this so many times for gifts and can be done with any scrapbooking software that you have or an online program.  Of course I am going to promote Creative Memories and the awesome products and services they provide.

Page prints are a very quick and easy way to create a gift and print on your home printer.  This is also great if you want to print multiple copies of a project.

Below is a page print my sister did of their family picture.  Super Easy took her 5 minutes to do and now has a great piece to share with family and friends.


Below is a page print that I did for my husband.  We had gone to a concert over the summer and took a ton of pictures,  I scanned the ticket stubs and added pictures.  It was one of his favorite gifts!


 For all of the traditional scrapbookers out there, you are included in this too.  Both of the pages above are 8×8 pages, 12×12 frames are readily available at any craft store.  A traditionally put together page has just as much meaning as a digital page.

Like the idea of page prints?  Click here to see the pre-designed page prints that Creative Memories put together.  Creative Memories will print them for you.  If you are going to do a lot of prings (10 or more) buy a pack of 10 page print product credits.

Stay tuned for more digital solutions and gifts.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions.

Thanks & Have a good night



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