31 Days of Christmas: Day 10 – Digital Cards

Welcome to Day 10:  I hope you have been enjoying all of the projects and ideas so far.

Wednesdays are for Weeknight Projects.   Being a busy mom I understand the importance of getting things done quick.   It’s one of the main reasons that I love Creative Memories and all that they have to offer.

Today’s project is a 4xD 3 Panel Accordion card found on Creative Memories Digital Center.  Use one of their many pre-made designs or use the Storybook Creator Software to create your own custom card.

This Double Sided accordion card fits 4xD (digital size of the 4×6 photo)

Click on the photo to go to the Digital Center


All cards printed by Creative Memories include envelopes and in a finish that you can write on to add your own handwritten sentiments.

The best thing about digital cards is that with a few clicks and adding the pictures and your holiday cards are complete.  Perfect weeknight project.

See you tomorrow from more on the 31 days of Christmas.



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