31 Days of Christmas: Day 11 – CD Scrapbook

It’s day 11 and I am finally starting to think outside of the box, kind of. Thursdays are Recycling day. It’s the day you use something you have and turn it into a gift.
Today is a CD Scrapbook. With the digital age CDs are becoming more and more obsolete and for a lot of us are just collecting dust.

I created this book for my dad for Christmas one year as a “Daddy and Me” book. He LOVED it!!!!!


  1. CDs
  2. Tacky Glue
  3. Sharpie Markers
  4. Good Hole Punch (Crop-a-dile works great)
  5. Some kind of binder:  Metal Ring, Paper Clip, String.
  6. Pictures
  7. Decorative Paper

Instructions (SUPER EASY)

  1. Punch a hole in each CD so you can “bind” your book
  2. Glue the Printed sides of the CDs together (so the shiny side is showing). Make sure you binding holes are lined up
  3. Matt pictures on your paper of choice
  4. Place matted pictures on the CDs
  5. Bind your “book” with binding of choice.

Your project is complete.
Super Easy and a very thoughtful gift for anybody special.

Come back tomorrow for Day 12 of the 31 days of Christmas.
See you tomorrow


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