31 Days of Christmas: Day 18 – CD Ornament

It’s recycle it Thursday again and I am revisiting the CD.  You know those things we used to put into players and listen to music.

Today’s project is a sun catcher, ornament combo.


CDs, Tacky Glue, permanent markers or alcohol ink, something dangle from the end, fish line, and a hole punch

Alcohol ink is really cool, you put it on a piece of felt and dab it onto a hard surface, mixing colors will give the tie-dyed look.  You can get it at most craft stores and lasts a really long time so its worth the investment.  It is a little pricey so permanent markers make a great substitute.  I mean who doesn’t have a couple of Sharpies laying around the house.

Decorate the shiny side of the CD’s.  Punch holes in the top and the bottom of each of the CDs  Glue the non-decorated sides together, make sure the holes line up.  Use fish line to tie the tiers together.  Use fish line to attach your item to dangle and fish line to create a hanger at the top.

I gave these to my family as little extra somethings one year for Christmas!!!

With CD’s the possibilities are endless and there are so many things that you can do with old CD’s, so don’t throw them out!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting FABULOUS Friday.  A Super Quick and exciting project coming your way!!!

See you tomorrow


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