31 Days of Christmas: Day 22 – Storybooks

Hi everybody, it’s Memory Monday again and I am going to bring to you the wonder of Storybooks.

Creative Memories has this awesome software that you have on you PC to create photo books.  The wonderful things about it is that you make it how you want!!!  While there are pre-designed pages so that all you have to do is add your pictures and sentiments, you can also make pages from Scratch or put your own spin on the pages that exist.

Anything you do with traditional scrapbooking you can do in the software.  I do all of my scrapbooking using digital software.  Personally, I find it much easier to have the project open and I can work on it for a couple of minutes here and there when I have time.

Also all of the Papers that Creative Memories offers there is also a digital version.  The best part is that the paper never runs out.  Even if the paper is discontinued, you can keep using it FOREVER!!!!!

With Storybook Creator you can create ANYTHING, from Books to Cards to Posters, to just page prints.  The sky is the limit.  The Picture Below will take you to my website where you can purchase the software or try the 30 day free trial


I made the project in the picture below for my husband for Valentines Day from our son.  I created the pages on 4×6 pieces of photo paper and glued them to pieces of cardboard.


Hope you enjoyed today’s Memory Monday.  See you tomorrow for Tag Tuesday


Facebook Page:  Stef’s Creative Corner

Creative Memories Site:  click here


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