31 Days of Christmas: Day 26 – Fabulous Baby’s First Year

It’s Fabulous Friday again and our last Friday of the month.   Today’s Fabulous project is for all of the new parents, grandparents, and God parents out there.  What a great gift than showing the awesomeness of a Baby’s first year!!!!

With calendars STILL on sale there is still time to get in on the sale but check out there pre-designed pages.  If you don’t have Storybook creator I would be happy to help you create this project and take advantage of the sale.  Want to make a custom calendar?  I can help you with that too.  Have your digital pictures ready and in less than 2 hours we will have a calendar done for you 🙂

Click on the picture below to see what calendar templates Creative Memories offers.

To check out the prices of the Creative Memories Calendars CLICK HERE

Thank you for visiting on this Fabulous Friday!!!!

See you tomorrow for our last week weekend of fun projects!!!


Interested in hosting  a party (book or in house) or creating a project email me at stef.lorello@gmail.com or visit my facebook page (below)

Facebook Page:  Stef’s Creative Corner

Creative Memories Site:  click here


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