Construction Birthday Party

Ok I know baby Jack’s birthday party was a month and a half ago but I finally have pictures of all the decorations.

I didn’t want to break the bank on a first birthday mainly because Jack won’t remember it and really it’s all about getting together and stuff.  So, I made the cake and the decorations and bought what I could for cheap.  We did a construction theme because well he’s a little boy and he has already shown his fondness for all things messy and dirty.  He also was glued to the window while they were doing road construction outside of our apartment.  It also helps that he loves baths so YAY for that one.

Here is what we had

  • Cake
  • Happy Birthday Jack banner
  • Photo Collage

The Cake

Found this on Pinterest and one of my friends has actually already sent it to her sister to re-create it.  Super easy the main cake, which was Jack’s, was a double layer chocolate cake, and the we had cup cakes of various flavors with sprinkles





All of the little construction vehicals we bought at Toys R Us in a set for $15 and then that way Jack has a ton of toys that he can play with as well.  Win Win Situation.

Happy Birthday Banner

In keeping with the construction theme I made a road sign Banner


Photo Collage

My husband picked out his 13 (one from birth) favorite pictures from each month of Jack’s life and then I added little phrases and what month it was to keep it interesting.  It was a group effort.  It was amazing to see how much he changed in the first year.  Can only imagine what the next year will bring


And of course I can’t talk about Jack’s first birthday without sharing a picture of him covered in Chocolate cake


Thanks for visiting.

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Be Back soon!



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