Photo Editing with Creative Memories Memory Manager

Happy Easter Everybody,

I know I don’t take perfect pictures every time and some times pieces of one picture are better than others.  There are a lot of photo editing software out there.  Most people have heard of Photoshop.  I had photo shop and while it is really awesome it was really hard to figure out and there were a lot more features in it than I would ever need.

So, for all of my editing needs I use Memory Manager by Creative Memories.   Organize your photos, adjust colors, sharpen, soften, and of course crop.  But, one of my favorite features is the Cloning feature.  Where you can take something from the picture you are working in and get rid of it or take something from another picture and bring it into the picture you want to edit.

Here is an example of cloning that I did with two pictures of my son and dog.    One picture the dog was looking at me but my son was blurry and the other my son was looking at me and the dog was looking away.

Blurry Baby

photo (3)

Dog looking away

photo (4)

Combine the two together and there you have it


Another feature that I use all of the time is making the picture black and white but leaving one thing colored.  This can also be done with Memory Manager

Unedited Picture


Everything made black and white but the lighthouse


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Looking for a do-over – time for a body makeover

Hi everybody I thought I would change it up tonight other than the normal Creative Memories posts

One of my favorite shows is the Biggest Loser.   This season especially has really had an affect on me.  Why you ask?  Because I realized that I am officially big enough that I could be on the show.   It broke my heart and really made me feel like crap.  I mean I am a 8 time Triathlete have done a number of 5ks and had a personal trainer for 2 years and now look at me.  I can hardly look at myself in the mirror.   I have stopped wearing make-up because let’s face it I’m a busy mommy and wife and well the mirror time is just depressing.  I think it’s sad to me because I used to be 100lbs lighter.  Now granted I was really thin and it wasn’t the right size for me because I couldn’t maintain it.  I think the last 50 lbs are really to blame for me just being lazy and making poor choices.

After having my son, who is now almost 16 months old and weighs 25 lbs, I feel disgusting and it’s really time for a change.   I think also having had 2 surgeries one was him being born, not the way I wanted to go but that was what happened, and then 3 months later having to have my Gall Bladder out I feel like my body is breaking and it’s scary.  I also see what has happened to the bodies of the people on the Biggest Loser and I don’t want that for me or my family.

This is  going to be a process that’s for sure but with baby steps and consistency anything is possible.    I know I can be strong and I will always be a “sturdy” girl but in the end I just want to feel better and look good in my pictures again.  I have found that some of the hobbies I have loved including scrapbooking and other picture related things I am not doing as much because I don’t want to look at myself in the pictures.  It’s so sad and it’s who I am at the moment, but I can’t let that define me.

So here are my starting points:

First a pic, this was on New Years but other than my hair length this is pretty standard.  🙂


Height 5′ 5″

Weight 256

Size 22 or a 1xl in Tops.

Big Goal:  To not be plus sized anymore, I was there once, will get there again, overall weight lost around 75 lbs

Mini-Goal:  Be consistent for 1 week.  I will weight in each Monday and post my progress.

Main goal #1:  Lose 10% of my weight.

How am I going to do it – Week 1

Eat healthy meals, cut out the soda, drink more water, and move just a little bit more


If you are just visiting thank you for stopping, if you are going to follow me on my journey, welcome.   Encouragement or a buddy is always welcome  🙂

Thanks for stopping,

I’ll be back a week from Monday with an update


Projects and bundles for March 2013

March Projects

Sometimes it’s easier to get started when its all ready to go for you. There is no guess work or figuring out what all goes together. Creative Memories has embraced the “project bundle” and makes it so easy to get projects completed. Whether you are a seasoned crafter or just starting out, the opportunities are endless and I want to help you find fresh ways to get those photos off the computer or out of the box.

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