Photo Editing with Creative Memories Memory Manager

Happy Easter Everybody,

I know I don’t take perfect pictures every time and some times pieces of one picture are better than others.  There are a lot of photo editing software out there.  Most people have heard of Photoshop.  I had photo shop and while it is really awesome it was really hard to figure out and there were a lot more features in it than I would ever need.

So, for all of my editing needs I use Memory Manager by Creative Memories.   Organize your photos, adjust colors, sharpen, soften, and of course crop.  But, one of my favorite features is the Cloning feature.  Where you can take something from the picture you are working in and get rid of it or take something from another picture and bring it into the picture you want to edit.

Here is an example of cloning that I did with two pictures of my son and dog.    One picture the dog was looking at me but my son was blurry and the other my son was looking at me and the dog was looking away.

Blurry Baby

photo (3)

Dog looking away

photo (4)

Combine the two together and there you have it


Another feature that I use all of the time is making the picture black and white but leaving one thing colored.  This can also be done with Memory Manager

Unedited Picture


Everything made black and white but the lighthouse


Interested in learning more about Memory Manager?  Check out my website to learn everything you need to know, or just send me an email at with any questions you have!!!

Memory Manager Page:  Click here!


Facbook Page:  Stef Lorello – Independent Creative Memories Consultant


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