The Joys of moving!!

So sorry that I haven’t written in a while but lots of life changes going on in our household and it’s putting my organization skills to the test.  

With all of these changes, new job, new state, and new home, I’m keeping my boys though, it comes to light the name of my blog.  With my love of office supplies it comes as no shock that I am going to a company that got it start as a wholesale distributor of just that office supplies.  I am so excited for the change and the new adventure it is going to take me and my family on.   

I have moved 9 times since leaving my parents house in 2002.  I know it’s crazy its kind of a nomadic kind of life but it worked for me at that time.  Now after being in our current home for the last two and a half years and a job change it’s time to move on and do it up big and move to another state.  While we are currently in Wisconsin and we are moving to Illinois there is still an excessive amount of things to do to.  Here are some of the things I have found.

  • Renters insurance – probably not a bad idea to have in any state but we have to show proof before we get our keys
  • Car insurance – have to show proof before you can register your car
  • Think about your deadline – starting a new job?  Give yourself enough time to get unpacked and relax a bit before you jump in.  I am giving myself 4 days (yup probably not enough)
  • Find a mover or people that will help you – There are so many movers out there just get quotes for the best rate!!  The internet is your friend here

Because this is my 10th move, hmm maybe a lucky number, 10 years at a company, 10th move, here are some tips and tricks for packing that make things a lot easier on yourself.

  • Bankers boxes – Can be found at any office supply store, target.  Found that the Office Max boxes are really good and less expensive.  They are the perfect size and have carrying handles.  Also if you join MaxPerks you get additional coupons and %’s off to cut the cost.  
  • News Print – You can get news print at the office supply store as well but it is a little pricey.  Visit your local UPS store and they have that and brown paper cheap and in smaller quantities so you can get exactly the amount you need
  • Bubble wrap – packing paper will work for your dishes but sometimes bubble wrap is a necessary evil.  don’t buy the huge rolls because you won’t use it all and then that’s another things to move.
  • Packaging tape – don’t go with the cheap stuff, aka the dollar store stuff.  It doesn’t work as well, Target’s brand is really good and just as good as the name brand
  • Black Garbage bags – don’t buy the store brand, stick with Hefty or Glad.  It will save you a lot of headache!!!

I will update with pictures once we have them on our move and let you know what worked and didn’t work with the movers.   

Thanks for following along on our Journey!!!



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