Moving Update

I am feeling very behind on my blog and have lots to talk about so watch for a bunch of posts coming up!!!

We have been in our apartment now just over a week and we are still unpacking.  At least now I have a desk set up, although it has nothing in it, a step in the right direction.

We are very lucky to be loving the new apartment because we have to plan go go places. Thank goodness there is a CVS literally in our back yard for things that we need in a pinch

MONEY SAVING TIP – Get the CVS Card, it’s free and they have awesome deals on stuff.  This week I got 2 boxes of Cheerios, a staple in a toddlers life for $5.

For those that have IKEA  bookshelves…We managed to lose the pegs to one of our bookshelves.  I actually found replacements on for $2.45 shipped!!!!!  I will be able to empty at least 2 more boxes once I get those.

We are still working on getting everything switched so that we can become actual Illinois residents, but that tends to be a little bit difficult when I am working every day.  Hopefully I can find a DMV or something that’s close to work.  That’s what Google maps is for.  That has been a life saver for me so far!!!!!

More to come from our adventure here in Illinois, it’s been interesting so far, but I’m sure it will get more and more interesting as the summer goes on.  Not loving road construction season though.

Be back soon!!!



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