Sunday – My Day to get organized for the week and reflect on the weekend

I always find that Sunday night, after the baby goes to bed, is when I have the most energy.   I reflect on the weekend,  I organize all of the pictures that are on the camera and get them ready to get onto pages.  I also get everything ready for the week and start thinking about what I want o accomplish during the week.  My biggest problem is that I am just thinking about these things and not writing them down.  So, with the help of my friends at and my trusty new planner type notebook, I feel that much more organized and can take on just a little bit more during the week.

photo (11)

With all of that said, here are my goals for the week.  I will post next Sunday to let you know how I did.  And while you wait go check out the ladies at great inspiration every day!!!

Every Week Goals

Laundry put away
Plan weekly dinners
Make lunches
Kid routine

Special Projects for this week
Keep working on my 2012 Scrapbook
Pick up the pace on blogging so much to say in August
Hang Curtains
Organize new desk
Start taking the train to work 1 day a week to be able to get personal admin

It doesn’t seem like a very big list, but with a lot of time in the car where multi-tasking isn’t an option it makes for a very small window of time to get things done in the evening, but I am up for the challenge!!!!

Follow me while I am on a serious mission to be organized, healthy, and sharing my memories with the world!!!!

See you all later in the week!!!



Scrapbooking made easy

As most of you know I am a digital scrapper.  I love having awesome layouts and really cool pages to display my pictures.  However, living in an apartment it’s very difficult to stay organized.  On top of that, finding a good chunk of time to work on it so that I get something done is difficult when there is a toddler running around.  So, almost 10 years ago I turned to digital scrapbooking.  I created my pages with my digital photos and printed them and put them in a binder.  Many many books later I am still at it.  I am little more behind on my projects than I would like to be at this point, but it’s a lot easier to get caught up this way.

In an effort to get caught up I took some time to work on my 2012 book and I thought I would share some layouts that help bring out the best in what I am trying to say.

Telling a story with your page

Baby and his puppy


Sometimes the pictures that you take at a particular time lend themselves to tell a story, not from your point of view but of whomever is in the picture.   I have many books where they are written from the perspective of my son, our dog, or our cat.  🙂

Telling a Story

Story Page


Similar to the other layout.  This one tells a story in order of what happened over the course of about 2 minutes.  Babies are crazy and thank goodness for digital cameras.

Themed Layouts

Theme Page


Creating a themed layout is as easy as incorporating color.  Adding the Italian Flag behind these pictures makes it super easy to figure out that we were at some kind of Italian festival.

No words at all

No words Scrapbook Page


And sometimes the pictures just speak for themselves and you don’t need words or embellishments.    I find myself using layouts like this a lot more mainly because I take a lot of pictures.  But also there isn’t a particular story, it’s just candid shots of my family and having those is what I love about scrapbooking and having pictures to look at.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Be back soon with more layout ideas!!


Saving $ is kind of fun

As most of you know I am an Accountant with a spending problem, but recently I have embraced Coupons, Loyalty clubs, and Sales!!!  I am the type of person that if there is a loyalty card sign me up, I am alright with letting their email clog up my inbox!!

So here are the saving that I got this week so far

Sports Authority

Join The League (it’s free)  and get a $5 welcome reward which they gave us right away for signing up in store.  Earn Points with addition purchases and get 5% back and money saving coupons in your inbox.

photo (9)


As always get the Target Debit Card, the $ comes directly out of your checking account and you get 5% back on every purchase, even at Starbucks in Target stores!!!

While shopping and picking up some baby stuff, I found Up & Up Diaper Genie Re-fills.  Individual Diaper Genie Refills were $10 each (which I’m pretty sure is high but I live in Illinois now), and the 3 pack of the Up & Up Brand were just $15.  So far they have been working great and will keep getting those.

Diaper Pail


This is becoming my favorite store, their sales are awesome and they have a bunch of perks with their savings card.  Of course because I have a CVS spitting distance from my apartment I had to sign up for the ExtraCare Card (yup this one is free too).  In my shopping trip today here is what I got and what I saved.

2 Pints on Ben & Jerry’s – Sale 2 for $7 saved $3.98

1 12 Pack of Scott Toilet Paper – On Sale for $7.77 saved $3.22

1 Gallon of Milk – On Sale for $2.69 saved $.30

1 Quart Lemon Lime Gatoraid – On Sale for $1 Saved $1.37

2 Bags of Lays Potato Ships – On Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free  Saved $4.29

2 Girl Scout Candy Bars – On Sale 2 for $2 saved $.94

Total Savings$15.47

AND earned $1.50 in ExtraCare bucks to use on my next shopping trip.  Yup that’s FREE Money!!!

I will keep you updated on my summer saving and let you know if I find any other awesome deals along the way!!!

Happy Saving Everybody!!