Got Summer Pictures? – Here is what you do with them

Summer time is the time of year, next to the holidays, where we take a ton of pictures.  It’s the time of the year for those of us in the mid-west that we aren’t covered from head to toe in snow gear and the picture-taker can actually see our faces.   So because you took a gazillion summer pictures, what are you going to do with them???

In this digital age there is so much you can do with pictures.  Coffee mugs, mouse pads, posters, books, you name it you can make it with pictures.

This first question to anybody that takes a picture is, “What do you do with your pictures?”

GOAL #1: Get the pictures off of your camera/phone and get them organized.

I am pretty good with getting my pics from my camera organized but am bad about my phone.  It’s important to set aside some time to get your pictures organized.  If you do a little bit at a time it will seem like less daunting of a task.

You have to decide what time of photo organizer you are.  Are you a Digital Organizer  or a Printed Organizer?

Printed Organizers

I personally recommend getting your pictures printed wherever it is the cheapest and most convenient for your needs.   Options are Shutterfly, Target, Walgreens, or any other store that has a photo department.  Have the pictures delivered to your home or pick them up in store.

If you do print invest in some good storage boxes and organize by year or occasion, whatever works best for what your goals are.

The one thing that I have to stress to no end is make sure you have an Acid Free box to store your pictures in.  DO NOT get the cheap cardboard like photo boxes.  Because they are not acid free they could harm your photos.  Therefore, they are not appropriate for long-term storage.  However, if you are printing a bunch of photos for a project weekend that is coming up and you just need to transport your prints then okay, use the cheap box.

Here is a great storage container at the Container Store that you can store up to 1,200 photos with each of the 12 cases holding 100 photos each.  Perfect for project based storage.



Digital Organizers

There are a couple of ways or organize your photos on your computer.

I use Memory Manager software from Creative Memories, but using Windows explorer is just as good.  It’s all about getting the photos in a spot or organized in a way that makes sense for what you want to accomplish.

Windows Explorer Example

windows Explorer


Organizing your photos is a very time consuming task, but it can also be the most fun.  Fun??  How can i say this is fun?  Face it you are looking at old pictures, maybe they are a year old or they are 25 years old.  The picture was taken to capture a memory and it’s fun to reminisce about that time when the picture was taken and sharing the story about that time.   It’s fun to go down memory lane and if you organize your photos a little bit at a time you get to visit that fun place more often!!!!



One thought on “Got Summer Pictures? – Here is what you do with them

  1. lauralistar August 25, 2013 / 1:39 pm

    I absolutely love this idea. I agree with you about organizing your digital pictures being a time consuming task but in the end it’s totally worth it. You’re right, it can be fun. It could make for a great weekend or rainy day type project. Love, love, love. Thanks for sharing!


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