Want help? I am here for you, see the organization maven at work

As you can tell I love love love organizing and a I do my best to stay organized both a work and at home.  What’s even better than keeping myself organized is helping others get organized.  I had a friend at work that recognized my love of organizing and mentioned to me that her basement was a disaster.  So naturally I offered to help her get it organized and under control.  After a little bit of convincing she finally took me up on my offer.

So we set up a time for me to stay with her for a weekend (before I was married and had a kid) and said “Let’s do this”.  So not knowing what I was getting into she opened the door to the basement and the stairs were full of stuff, mainly because she didn’t want to go downstairs into the mess.  I was not at all discouraged.  This is what I walked into.



So then I came to the conclusion it was all about stations.  If anybody remembers the show on TLC called “Clean Sweep”, this was the approach I took. There were three piles to start, Keep, Sell, and Toss.  We categorized everything in the basement into those three categories and then we organized the keep pile.







We decided where everything should go.  Christmas decorations in one spot, baby stuff in another spot.  We found “homes” for everything that she wanted to keep so that not only would she be able to find exactly what she was looking for, but it ended up being a place where her young son could go ride his bike because, as you can tell it was a huge basement!!

Here is what that huge basement looked like when we were done.


This was  “baby land”  All of the things she wanted to keep from the time her son was born.

???Best part – Organized shelves!!!!

Want some help with your organization woes?  Whether it’s a basement, a closet, or a box of pictures, I am happy to help you with whatever you need!!!!

If you had to keep one thing organized in your life what would it be??’

Have a great day everybody

See you soon!!!



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