The Importance of backups: Keep those memories safe

I will admit I am not the best at backing up my pictures/scrapbooks etc., but it is VERY VERY important

Backing up items on your computer is super easy all it takes is a quick copy & paste

I would recommend backing up your items onto an external hard drive and storing it in a fire proof safe.  There are links below to go to where to buy good but inexpensive supplies.

The bottom line is you never know when your computer is going to crap out or something happens to your home.  You don’t want to lose those memories

Treat your photos and projects like fine jewelry, they need to be “safe” too

External Hard Drive


External hard drive (Click to go to website to buy)

Western Digital from target $79.99 for 1 terabyte.  (100 Gigabytes) that is a whole lot of pictures and scrapbook pages.  I have a western digital external hard drive and I love it, it’s been super reliable.



Chest safe from Sentry  (Click to go to the website to buy)

I have 2 of these and they have been fantastic.  Although, I haven’t had a catastrophic to test them with, but that’s ok, hopefully they will never be “tested”.  I keep all of our important documents in our cases, the things that if they were lost or destroyed it would be a real pain to replace them.

Hope some of these ideas and examples are helpful to you.

What do you do to keep your memories and important documents safe?

Talk to you soon




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