What my typical week looks like – Planning ahead

I have previously posted about weekly organization and what works for you.  I have been using my “How Do I Do It?” Planner and it’s been working great. 


Here is what a page looks like before I write all over it. 

 photo (12)


Here is a typical week.  This week was even kind of tame.

 photo (13)

Here is what is on my list every week

  • What’s for dinner – typically planned on Saturday or Sunday so we only have to grocery shop once
  • When I’m going to go running – love the Couch to 5k training program
  • When Jack get’s a bath – not that I forget to do this (mommy brain) but it helps plan out the rest of the night
  • What blog posts I want to accomplish that week – this was one of them!
  • What projects I want to accomplish that week – this week it’s getting some Calendars made to get a jump start on Christmas gifts


My theory is if I don’t write it down it doesn’t get done.  I take this literally.  It has something to do with mommy brain, yes it really does exist.  Also, I feel much more accomplished if I can cross it off.  So with that said, I write down everything from what we are having for dinner to when Jack’s baths are.  I typically don’t write down everyday tasks like doing dishes or putting away laundry, those go on their own list. 


As you have probably already figured out I am the queen of lists.  I have always loved them as much as all of my journals and pens.  It has been an obsession since I was little.  Hence the blog name  J


What does YOUR typical week look like??


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