31 Days of Christmas: Day 1

It’s October again and it’s time to start thinking about the holidays and getting ahead of the game.   I am taking a little bit different of an approach this year, it’s only the 2nd year so I’m allowed.  🙂

Weekdays will be cards.  Mainly digital media created by your’s truly with an option to make it in more of a traditional format.  See below for what I mean with this one.  Then Saturday/Sunday posts will be decorations and gifts.

CARD:  Digital Media with a traditional Option

All of the cards can be printed on 4×6 photo paper, or card stock  or have them printed at Walgreen’s, Target, etc what ever is cheapest and paste to pre-folded card stock.  I get my pack’s at Michael’s and they come in White, Cream, and Black.  Use your coupon and you have very inexpensive Christmas Cards

31 Days of Christmas - Day 1 - Page 001

Want the same card but with more of a traditional flair.

Print the following picture on Card stock on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cut out the embellishments and layer on a card.  Add your own flair, glitter, other embellishments, the sky is the limit.

Pages for 31 Days of Christmas - Day 1 - Page 001

I like to provide inspiration.  I am not the most creative person in the world but if I can help one person then it’s mission accomplished!!!!  🙂

Stay Tuned for another card tomorrow!!!!

Have a great day everybody!!!

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