31 Days of Christmas: Day 6 – Project: Memory chain

Hi Everybody,

It’s day 6 and Sunday so it’s time for a project.  I wanted to take a tradition that a lot of us embraced during school during the Christmas season and a great project for family.  Introducing the Memory chain.

Use 12×12 paper and a straight trimmer or rotary cutter  to cut out strips measuring 6 inches x 1 inch.




On each strip, write memorable moments from the year, quotes, or song lyrics, the sky is the limit.


Use Clear contact paper to “Laminate” each strip







Using a small hole punch and brads, or a stapler assemble the chain.







Store the extra pieces in a ziplock bag for next year.  Or use different colors for each year.

Add links to the chain every year.

Use the chain as a tree decoration or fireplace decoration.



A variation of the project could be that a 25 days of Christmas “Bucket List”  a fun family activity for each of the days leading up to Christmas, tear off a piece of the chain to find out what the even it.

Hope you enjoyed this idea/project.

Be back tomorrow with the start to more cards for the week.

Thanks for visiting




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