31 Days of Christmas: Day 12 – The Photo Book – a comparison

???????????????????????????????As most people who have read my blog know, I am very  into digital scrapbooking and am a Creative Memories consultant.    So now the Creative Memories re-structuring and starting up a new company I started “shopping” for a new way to print my photo books and a way that may be a little less expensive.

Currently what I do is I print my photo books as page prints and put the prints into Traditional albums.  Now I am think i am going to go with 2 bound hard cover books a year.    So I thought I would share what I found from all of the different companies out there and what their prices and offerings are.

I am going to concentrate on 3 Companies, Shutterfly, Snapfish. and Panstoria

For all three companies the books come standard with 20 pages (10 Sheets front and back)  Also, you can add additional pages, however the amount of pages varies.

Here is the detail on what’s available and prices for each Company. Consider it a one-stop-shop for all the things you need when deciding on who to go with when you create a photo book.



Pretty much everybody has heard of Shutterfly or at least seen a pop-up add for them on some web pages.  They are all over the place and have great deals on their photo books and other photo gifts.

All books can have a max of 111 pages,  and extra pages are $.50 for the small books, $1.00 for the medium books, and $1.50 for the large books.  You will see that the extra page price is a little higher but it isn’t as big of a deal because they always have sales on the books and orders over a certain $ amount.

Here is the price list for custom cover books (Photo on the cover)

Size Cover type Price
5×7 Soft  $    12.99
7×9 Soft  $    15.99
8×8 Soft  $    19.99
8×11 Soft  $    24.99
10×10 Soft  $    29.99
8×8 Hard  $    29.99
8×11 Hard  $    39.99
10×10 Hard  $    44.99
12×12 Hard  $    59.99
11×14 Hard  $    69.99

Additional options include Leather books, Lay-Flat Pages, Matte finish or padded covers.  All at an extra cost.



Snapfish is another site like Shutterfly where you can build your book online and have it printed fairly quickly.

Prices for additional pages is around $1.99 for 2 pages, or one sheet

Max # of pages in a Snapfish book is 150 unless you have lay-flat pages then it’s 90.

Here is the book price list for the Custom Album Cover

Size Cover type Price
5×7 Soft  $    12.99
8×8 Soft  $    19.99
8×8 Hard  $    28.99
8×11 Hard  $    29.99
12×12 Hard  $    52.99
11×14 Hard (Lay-Flat)  $    59.99

They also have additional cover options for an extra cost




The last company we are going to take a look at is Panstoria.  Who is Panstoria you ask?  If you are familiar with Creative Memories and Storybook Creator, these are the people that created it.  And, because Creative Memories is going through a re-structure, Panstoria is taking over our digital business and we can continue to print books from the software.

What makes Panstoria different from Shutterfly and Snapfish is that you create your books using software and then upload them to the company and they print the book for you.

Max number of pages in a Panstoria book is 98 and prices range from $1.00 to $1.50 for each additional page.

Here is the price list for the custom album cover

Size Cover type Price
5×5 Hard  $    24.99
7×5 Soft  $    12.99
7×5 Hard  $    27.99
8×8 Soft  $    19.99
8.5×11 Soft  $    20.99
8×8 Hard  $    29.99
12×12 Soft  $    29.99
8.5×11 Hard  $    34.99
11×8.5 Hard  $    34.99
12×12 Hard  $    49.99

Personally, I am using my software to create my pages and then save them a .JPG files and upload them to the company that has the best deal on books at that time.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post, took a little bit longer to write today than I thought it would.  Be back tomorrow with a project!!!!



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