31 Days of Christmas: Day 13 – Mini Brag Book

Need a quick gift or something extra for a family member or friend.  I made one of these for my Husband’s Grandmother and she absolutely loved it!!    Now that there are sales going on watch for cheap card kit sets.  The ones typically in boxes, you get a lot of embellishments and pre-folded card stock.  That’s what I used as the base to this project, again proving that lovely things can be made from things you already have.

This book will ultimately become a 10 page book

For this mini-Brag Book you will need:

  • 3 pre-folded cards
  • Pictures (as many as you want that will fit on your pages)
  • embellishments if you want to add something extra
  • 2 brads
  • hole punch
  • adhesive
  • markers


Put cards together to make a book


Paste the photos onto each card, leaving the “Cover” blank




Fasten the book together by punching two holes in the crease



Fasten with 2 brads of your choice

IMG_6094 IMG_6090


Personalize the book by including comments or notes on the cover and each page.


Here is a gallery of the final product


I know this one isn’t very Christmasy but it’s still an idea for a cool gift for anybody!

I printed the pictures using my home printer on normal paper due to time constraints, but you could for sure have the pictures printed and have it look a little more “Professional”

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s project.  See you tomorrow when we go back to cards for the week.



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