31 Days of Christmas: Day 15 – City Scene

I love myself a good city and black and white so hence today’s card.   Of course I had to add some snow to commemorate the fact that yes I am from the midwest and well that’s all we deal with for a good part of the year.  But there is something to be said for a moon lit night in the city with snow on the ground.  It’s so beautiful and peaceful.   It’s even ok if it’s cold, just not too windy.  That ruins everything.    Hope you enjoy something more…artistic??  I’m starting to break out of my card shell…

Here is today’s Card – City Scene

Print the following 4×6 card (JPG format) on photo paper or card stock and paste onto a card and DONE.

31 Days of Christmas - Day 14

Or if you like the “Layered” look then print the following (also JPG format) cut out the pieces and adhere using foam squares or double sided tape.

Pages for 31 Days of Christmas - Day 14


I did Create an extra white box in case you wanted to “Rip” the paper yourself.  Also adding some glitter or embossing powder to some of the buildings or to the “snow” will help give an extra effect!!!

Hope you enjoyed something non-traditional.  See tomorrow for another card


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