31 Days of Christmas: Day 16 – Nighttime Tree

We are half way through the month and i really hope you have been liking what you have been seeing so far.   Because I am posting every day it makes me inspired for the rest of the year.  Don’t worry there is already of a pretty lengthy list of things that I will be blogging about in November and December.

So clearly this week I am on a nighttime kick.   I am playing around with a bunch of different elements that I can layer and that you can layer if you want to print the card and put it together on your own.   When creating things digitally it’s almost a little more overwhelming, in a good way of course, because all of the colors and sizes are subjective and it opens so many more doors for creativity.

Here is today’s Card – Tree at night

Print the following 4×6 card (JPG format) on photo paper or card stock and paste onto a card and DONE.

31 Days of Christmas - Day 16

Or if you like the “Layered” look then print the following (also JPG format) cut out the pieces and adhere using foam squares or double sided tape.

Pages for 31 Days of Christmas - Day 16


Hope you like today’s card!


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