31 Days of Christmas: Day 19 – The Joy of Photo Gifts

Because digital photography is huge it’s no surprise that photo gifts are on the rise.    The hardest part is not finding the picture to use it’s finding the right place to have your photo gifts printed.  In all honesty, go with the least expensive place.  However, make sure you pay attention to the shipping cost and the time it takes to produce your product.   Also, when you are going to get something printed make sure you do your research and don’t use the first website you find.  Everybody is competitive and wants your business but prices can all be very different

Like I said before, you can basically put a photo on anything.  Here are some examples.

coffee Mug


Coffee Mug

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad



Photo Blanket

Fleece Blanket

Travel Mug


Travel Coffee Mug

Here are some websites to give you ideas for cool photo gifts





Pictures above came from Snapfish, but these are the standard items.  I personally think I have to have the notebook.  I mean come on, look at the name of my blog and well I am a sucker for any type of paper, call it a sickness I guess.

Thanks for stopping by tonight.  Stay tuned for a project tomorrow.

Happy Saturday everybody!!!





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