31 Days of Christmas: Day 30 – Vintage Joy


It’s the FINAL Card.  Thank you again for spending the last 30 days with me.   It has been fun creating a bunch of new things and sharing them with you.

Today’s card really is about letting the paper tell the story.  Also this card is Vintagey but un-traditional because it’s not your typical “Christmas card”.   As you can see in some instances, less is more and I feel with the “Paper” I used that too many embellishments may have made this one too busy.


Here is today’s Card – Vintage Joy


Print the following 4×6 card (JPG format) on photo paper or card stock and paste onto a card and DONE.


31 Days of Christmas - Day 30


Or if you like the “Layered” look then print the following (also JPG format) cut out the pieces and adhere using foam squares or double sided tape.


Pages for 31 Days of Christmas - Day 30


I can’t believe that tomorrow is the FINAL day.  It has been so fun blogging for the last month.  I hope that you will stick with me as I come up with more projects and organization tips!!!


See you tomorrow!!!




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