Yes I shop on Thanksgiving!!!

Ok sorry readers this is a little bit of a rant session, but please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Yes I shopped on Thanksgiving, and the day before that online, and Today (Black Friday) and maybe even tomorrow.   There have been a lot of posts about “Don’t shop on Thanksgiving” and it’s been really bothering me.  Here is why

  1. Don’t tell me what to do:  If shopping on Thanksgiving is part of mine and my husband’s tradition so be it.  There have been plenty of years we just go and walk through Walmart – look at all of the people in line and then leave without buying anything.
  2. Argument:  “People Leave their families to go shopping”:  Ok Maybe they do, but don’t assume that’s what everybody does,  I have a lot of friends that this is their FAMILY tradition.  They eat Dinner, Go through the adds, and then go out to the stores to get all of their Christmas Shopping done.
  3. Elephant in the Room:  Corporate Greed:  Then there is the “Corporate Greed” being somebody that worked in the retail industry at a corporate level for 10 years I saw first hand why these decisions were made.  Yes can it seem greedy, of course but it takes 1 retailer to make the decision to open early and they all have to follow suit.  It’s all about the door buster, you have to get people in the store.  If you don’t have super cool door busters you aren’t going to be the first stop.  And that’s ok but if you aren’t open when the shoppers are going to Target to get good deals on Diapers and Christmas Gifts???  Guess what, those shoppers aren’t coming back!!  Being open earlier on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean more people are shopping,  they are just shopping at different times.  Corporate knows that.  Walmart started opening earlier to stop the trampling, glad to see that worked.  lol
  4. I work in retail and I have to work tonight:  All of the workers I saw last night were in a pretty good mood, they think the shoppers are crazy.  If you hate working Black Friday so much then get out of retail, there are plenty of others that would be glad to take the job.
  5. Violence:  This is because Stupid people get way too worked up.   A couple of incidents in areas where people just don’t care about anybody but themselves shouldn’t ruin a tradition for everybody.    Where I was shopping, it was relatively quiet, people got what they were looking for and then they left.   Actually pretty uneventful.
  6. A special Thank you:  To all of the Police Officers directing traffic and taking care of the drunk guy in my parking lot last night (whole other story). Fire Fighters for putting out the house fires of the stupid people who deep fried their turkey in the garage,  To the Doctors and Nurses taking care of the people that got trampled.  And to the Movie Theater attendant who got me popcorn.  And all event staff and concession people at the football games, dealing with some people who drank WAY too much beer.

photo (22)

This is where I stood in line at Target – we got in line 5 minutes before the store opened.    From this point we were in and out of the store in 20 minutes and got everything we wanted.  Nice Work Mundelein, IL Target!!!!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you don’t want to shop on Thanksgiving, don’t.  If it’s part of somebody’s traditions, let it be their tradition.

Happy Holidays everybody!!!  Have fun shopping (or not lol)



Happy Thanksgiving Week – The Craziness begins


This week is surely the calm before the storm for a lot of people.  While we have started Christmas shopping we are nowhere close to done.  As the holidays approch with a fierceness it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the things you want to do.  The best advice I can give you is to PRIORITIZE Here is a list of things to keep in mind when you are getting ready for the holidays to keep them as stress free as possible.

  • Write it down:  Write down EVERYTHING you need to do.  It will be WAY easier to prioritize if it’s on paper than in your head.  Face it if it’s just in your head it’s never going to get done because this is the time of year to get side tracked and flustered VERY EASY.  Don’t try to be Super Memory Person this time of year. 
  • Deadlines?:  If there is something you need by a certain date, crank that out first.  Things like ordering gifts, whether they are personalized, a photo gift, or something that takes some time produce, get it done early.  You will feel good that you crossed it off your list.  Also, you will probably save some money because most places are running deals early so they have less of a mad rush to produce things for customers.  Remember overnight shipping costs an arm and a leg (litterally)
  • What’s it for?:  Its it for a gift, a meal, or just a nice to have.  Think about the end result.  If it’s a gift or something easy and non-perishable.  Get it out of the way.  So what if it clutters your house for a little while.  What do you think the Holiday decorations are doing?  But if you stash it somewhere, REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT IT!!! Again, Write It Down.
  • Shopping list:  If you are going into a store you better have a list because with all of the distractions, holiday music, and all of the people running around you are going to get side tracked and forget why you are there and then way overspend you $ and come out with nothing that was on your list.  Key to shopping during the holidays FOCUS!!
  • Coupons: There is no reason to save even more $ while saving $ holiday shopping.  You are going to get innundated with coupons.  USE THEM!!! That’s what they are there fore, but again stay Focused on why you are in there and don’t get sucked into “I can buy this extra thing because I have a coupon”.
  • Recepits: Have a spot ready before you go out for receipts and gift receipts so that in case you have to return anything it makes it way easier on EVERYBODY!!!  Service desk people at your favorite store included!!!

These are just a couple of things to keep in mind during the very very very busy holiday season, but by employing a couple of things to keep you organized it will keep your stress level down and myself included a lot less grumpy!!  🙂

Have a great Monday everybody!!  Be back later in the week with more posts:  Lots going on in the next couple of weeks!!!


Introducing Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories

3345295Creative Memories is now Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories 
Ahni is the Hawaiian word for Beautiful and Zoe is Greek for Life so the taglines is…
Life is Beautiful – Share it. 
Here is a link to the Catalog:  CLICK HERE

With that main goal of the company is giving YOU the ability to go from Pictures to Finished product in the least amount of steps.
iPhone app where you can set it up to automatically print your pictures – DON’T Worry an online version and an Android version are coming.
Albums with INTERCHAGEABLE Pages, yes you read that right.  You can now have a book that has Fast to Fabulous Pages, Traditional pages and Picfolio pages.  All albums are the same size so it makes the versatility limitless to what you can do. 
The Albums are all made in house in St. Cloud MN.   All of the products produced are made in the U.S.,  with the exception of the Tape runner, that’s Danish.
With that said, Those that LOVE the Creative Memories tape runners No worries those are still with us, but now they are Red!!  J

For my Storybook Creator Users: 
Your Storybook Creator is still working, but is now being managed by Panstoria, the creators of Storybook Creator and Memory Manger.  You need to update your software so that if you want to print books you will be connected to their print shop.  The prices of the books are less expensive than Creative Memories was.  However if you want to use another printing company such as Shutterfly or Snapfish to print your books that’s totally fine, as storybooks are no longer party of my personal volume. 
If you want some tips on getting pages from Storybook creator to a Shutterfly book let me know, I just made one  J

Like what you see? 
I am hosting a virtual Launch party at the Beginning of December after I get my kit.  If you are interested in learning more about Ahni & Zoe I encourage you to follow along here on the blog or  on my Facebook page:

Holiday Shopping Party?
The new party is short sweet and to the point.  It really is a PARTY!!!  I don’t stand in front of the room and babble about the stuff.  This is more of a hands on party and its quick, 2 hours and your party can be CLOSED!!!  How fabulous is that?  I can do in home parties between Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI and anywhere in between.  Otherwise this format really lends itself to a book party as well.

Extra $$ – who doesn’t need that during the holidays?  I’m Building a Team!!!
If you are looking to make some extra $ this holiday season let me know, the business plan is SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I am working toward earning some Ahni & Zoe Bucks and working toward an NEW iPAD Mini.  Do I have your attention?  Let me know if you are interested and I will give you all of the information!!!!  FYI – you don’t have to live close to me to be on my team.  Accepting members from All over the Country!!!

Have questions?????
Leave comments here and I will be happy to help you with any of your questions.

Thanks for haning out with me!!!


Easy Desk Organization

I am still trying to figure out the best way to organize my desk.  I still haven’t found the best configuration and I don’t know if I ever will, unless I win the lottery and then I will get something like this.


So with that, I have to have tricks that are not super expensive so that when I decide to change my mind again I don’t break the bank.

Here is my desk today


  • Magnetic strips added to the side of anything makes for great extra storage.  These are readily available everywhere.  I attached them to the desk by using double sided foam squares.  Makes it easy to detach them as well if you decide to get rid of your desk or move, which I do so often.
  • The cups on the right are great easy access storage for paper clips, binder clips, and other small objects

IMG_6029Desk Must Haves:

  • Calendar – to figure out dates if necessary
  • Dry erase board – to write quick notes or to do lists
  • Memo board – to hold invitations, other loose pieces of paper that you need to keep track of



The Importance of the BIN:

  • Bins are easy storage that still looks good and keeps you organized.  These bins aren’t too big or too small so that they don’t get too heavy and I can keep track of what’s in each bin.   As you can see these are kind of overflowing, hey I have alot of stuff.  🙂

So how did I keep the costs down?

  • TIP:  Kohl’s student lounge section is fantastic, especially when it’s all 60% off and you have a coupon and Kohl’s cash to spend.  That is where I got the bins and the french memo board.
  • I got the magnetic strips at the container store but I know Target has something like it.   They weren’t that expensive at the Container store and they have been through many different desk configurations.  They are sturdy, do not bend etc making it worth the investment.
  • The Calendar/White board combo was a Creative Memories product, but places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann sell items similar.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post.  Hope everybody has a fabulously organized weekend.

Be sure to like my Facebook page to get in on the action of the new Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories launching later this month!!!  The Organization Maven

Have a good night!!!


Learning Drawers




I had some storage drawers that I was using for craft stuff.  When we moved the drawers ended up in my son’s room and well you really can’t keep anything in drawers that don’t lock in a 2 year old’s room.  So I decided to make it a learning activity.

Here are the drawers that I bought.  I got them cheap on Black Friday.  You can find them at Jo-Ann and Michael’s.  I added the numbers down the left side with stickers that I had on hand.

Here are the inserts that I printed.  I used Microsoft Word to create them .  For the items that are not shapes I used the internet and used a google image search to find the items

Put each page in a page protector








Tape down the sheets into each drawer



Then let your little one have fun.



The best story that I have with these that Jack now knows all of items in the drawers.  My father-in-law came over and he had to show Grandpa every drawer in order.   Love that the little guy is learning!!!!

Hope everybody has a fantastic Sunday and a great week!!!!