Learning Drawers




I had some storage drawers that I was using for craft stuff.  When we moved the drawers ended up in my son’s room and well you really can’t keep anything in drawers that don’t lock in a 2 year old’s room.  So I decided to make it a learning activity.

Here are the drawers that I bought.  I got them cheap on Black Friday.  You can find them at Jo-Ann and Michael’s.  I added the numbers down the left side with stickers that I had on hand.

Here are the inserts that I printed.  I used Microsoft Word to create them .  For the items that are not shapes I used the internet and used a google image search to find the items

Put each page in a page protector








Tape down the sheets into each drawer



Then let your little one have fun.



The best story that I have with these that Jack now knows all of items in the drawers.  My father-in-law came over and he had to show Grandpa every drawer in order.   Love that the little guy is learning!!!!

Hope everybody has a fantastic Sunday and a great week!!!!



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