Yes I shop on Thanksgiving!!!

Ok sorry readers this is a little bit of a rant session, but please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Yes I shopped on Thanksgiving, and the day before that online, and Today (Black Friday) and maybe even tomorrow.   There have been a lot of posts about “Don’t shop on Thanksgiving” and it’s been really bothering me.  Here is why

  1. Don’t tell me what to do:  If shopping on Thanksgiving is part of mine and my husband’s tradition so be it.  There have been plenty of years we just go and walk through Walmart – look at all of the people in line and then leave without buying anything.
  2. Argument:  “People Leave their families to go shopping”:  Ok Maybe they do, but don’t assume that’s what everybody does,  I have a lot of friends that this is their FAMILY tradition.  They eat Dinner, Go through the adds, and then go out to the stores to get all of their Christmas Shopping done.
  3. Elephant in the Room:  Corporate Greed:  Then there is the “Corporate Greed” being somebody that worked in the retail industry at a corporate level for 10 years I saw first hand why these decisions were made.  Yes can it seem greedy, of course but it takes 1 retailer to make the decision to open early and they all have to follow suit.  It’s all about the door buster, you have to get people in the store.  If you don’t have super cool door busters you aren’t going to be the first stop.  And that’s ok but if you aren’t open when the shoppers are going to Target to get good deals on Diapers and Christmas Gifts???  Guess what, those shoppers aren’t coming back!!  Being open earlier on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean more people are shopping,  they are just shopping at different times.  Corporate knows that.  Walmart started opening earlier to stop the trampling, glad to see that worked.  lol
  4. I work in retail and I have to work tonight:  All of the workers I saw last night were in a pretty good mood, they think the shoppers are crazy.  If you hate working Black Friday so much then get out of retail, there are plenty of others that would be glad to take the job.
  5. Violence:  This is because Stupid people get way too worked up.   A couple of incidents in areas where people just don’t care about anybody but themselves shouldn’t ruin a tradition for everybody.    Where I was shopping, it was relatively quiet, people got what they were looking for and then they left.   Actually pretty uneventful.
  6. A special Thank you:  To all of the Police Officers directing traffic and taking care of the drunk guy in my parking lot last night (whole other story). Fire Fighters for putting out the house fires of the stupid people who deep fried their turkey in the garage,  To the Doctors and Nurses taking care of the people that got trampled.  And to the Movie Theater attendant who got me popcorn.  And all event staff and concession people at the football games, dealing with some people who drank WAY too much beer.

photo (22)

This is where I stood in line at Target – we got in line 5 minutes before the store opened.    From this point we were in and out of the store in 20 minutes and got everything we wanted.  Nice Work Mundelein, IL Target!!!!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you don’t want to shop on Thanksgiving, don’t.  If it’s part of somebody’s traditions, let it be their tradition.

Happy Holidays everybody!!!  Have fun shopping (or not lol)



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