It’s Ahni & Zoe Week!!!!


So to continue the introduction of  Ahni & Zoe here is that start of my Kick off Event.   Stay with me the good stuff is coming after the “administrative” stuff.  🙂  I PROMISE!!!!  Be sure to read the whole post there is some exciting stuff at the bottom!!!!


We picture a world in which every woman can be the author of her own life story, additing meaning and joy to her life and the lives around her

Our Mission

We exist to insprie people to pull photos off the devices and into the lives…with products that help connect families and friend to unforgettable moments, letting them know they’re loved.  We take great joy in providing a fun a rewarding opportunity that encourages all to seize the moements that make up their beautiful lives.

Our Beliefs

We believe in Women.  Building a community of fabulous friend and strong families.  Connecting in new ways and inspring each other every day

We believe in opportunity.  Erasing boundaries.nnInstilling confidence.n  Achieving success – however you define it

We believe in giving.  Offering smiles and the change to make a difference.  Sharing the joy of photos with family and friends.

We believe in our future.  Knowing there’s limited time, but unlimited potential.  Let’s be brilliant and brave



The Catalog is available online CLICK HERE

This is what it’s all about and if you follow me on the the 7th – That’s THIS SATURDAY.  I am going to be featuring product specifics throughout the day.  But here is your sneak peak at what availble NOW when you place orders on my website. or directly through me.   So I’m going to stick with the stuff that’s available now.  there is more coming next year (that’s next month already, can you believe it?) but want to focus on what you can get NOW!!!

Fast to Fabulous albums ($49.50)

  • Preassembled
  • Predesigned
  • Winner of the 2012 DSA Most Innovative Product of the Year
  • Refill pages also available separately
  • 11 Different Designs
  • Wedding Themes/Baby Themes/General Themes
  • Interchangeable pages with Slide in Albums

Slide in Albums ($39.50)

  • 12×12
  • 4 Different Colors
  • Horizontal or vertical pages
  • Interchangeable pages with Fast to Fabulous
  • Slide in packs to dress up your slide in albums (11 Designs available)
  • Large Single pocket pages available separately

Refill Pages/Slide in Packs

  • Fast to Fabulous $29.50
  • Multi-Pocket Pages $19.50
  • Large Single Pocket Pages $19.50
  • Slide in Packs $9.50

Magnetic Displays $59.50

  • 16×16 inch frame
  • Hanger for easy mounting
  • Includes 4 magnets
  • Extra magnets available $9.50

Photo Box $9.50

  • Store up to 150 photos
  • Holds 5×7 and 4×6 prints
  • Small size promotes easy storage and portability


  • Pens (Black, Brown, Gold and Silver) $3.50 each
  • Tape Runners $9.50, (Refill $8.50)

In-a-wink (coming in 2014)

  • Picture storage online 
  • Photo Print Plans (Automatically prints)
  • Only for iPhone in the beginning (PC and Android coming very soon)

ok so do I have your attention with the FABULOUS products that Ahni and Zoe have to offer???  Want to learn how to get products for FREE!!!!

Hosting is easier than ever!! 

 Just for hosing you get ANY product HALF OFF

When your party reaches $250 (not hard to do ladies) you will earn 10% in MORE FREE PRODUCT. 

If your friends had a TON of fun at the party then you will earn even more!!!

Get those calendars out because The first lucky person to schedule their Ahni and Zoe party with me will get that

1 product for FREE!!!!!

 Hope you got at least a little bit excited by this overview.  For the rest of the week I will go more into hosting and starting your own business and on Saturday I will have more in depth overviews of the products.  Thanks for visiting today!!!!!

See you soon




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