Ahni & Zoe week…Fun, Friends, and Free stuff


Sorry for the early post. Clearly I’m trying to figure out how to post from my phone. 🙂

Let’s continue the excitement about Ahni & Zoe. I know you are excited to see more about the products and that’s coming tomorrow. I was hoping that my kit would have been in so I could show you actual pictures of the product but that will have to come later 😦

So wouldn’t it be fun to get your friends together and have snacks and drinks and talk about life and your pictures for a couple of hours? That’s what an Ahni & Zoe party is. FUN!!! I will tell about how you can be from Snap to Finish in not time flat.

Completing a project has never been so easy. No creativity required!!!!!

Here is what you can earn with a party!!! Remember just for hosting no matter what the sales level you get a half off item. ANY ITEM!!!

If you are the first person to schedule a party with me you will get that half off item for FREE!!!!! Visit my website http://www.ahniandzoe.com/steflorello to schedule. Send me an email at stef.lorello@gmail.com or call/text 262-989-4498

I can wait to help you make your photo dreams a reality!!!

See you soon



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