Ahni & Zoe Preview: Post #6 – Hosting and Starting your own business

20131206-075754.jpg Yes Ahni & Zoe is a PARTY Business.  But what it’s not is me coming to your house and babbling on for hours about product.  I Come I set up the stuff and we sit and chat on the couch for just a little bit.  I’m here to answer questions and help you get your projects off the ground – quickly. The Point of Ahni & Zoe is being able to help everybody from The Snap of a Picture to the Finished product.   They took the “Creative” out of the name because frankly it scared people.   “I’m not creative, I can’t do this”, “Being creative takes too much time”  Most of the time this is true but now with Ahni & Zoe the products are really No Excuse products.  Print your pictures and tape them into a book, make a quick note about what’s going on in the picture or even just the date and DONE!!  It’s that simple. The theme is get your pictures out of the boxes, off your phones, and computers and get them to a place that everybody can enjoy.  It’s so simple so start today.

SO…What do you get if you host a party??

No matter what the sales level you get 1 item, any item 1/2 off (Remember if you are the first to schedule I will make that item totally FREE!!!!)

  • When your party reaches $250 (it’s really not hard to do, don’t be intimidated) you get 10% of your party sales in free product.
  • Have 1 friend book their party and you get 15% of party sales in free stuff
  • Have 2 friends book their party and you get 20% of the party sales  in free stuff.


Want to Make Money, Make Friends, and Make a Difference?

Yes Ahni & Zoe is a pyramid business, but it doesn’t feel like it.  This business is all about running it your way.  If you love the products and you are going to be buying a bunch anyway, why not get them at cost and share your projects with others??   There are a lot of options on how to run your business you don’t have to build a team if you don’t want to.

  • Earn 30 to 40% on your personal sales – the more people buy the more you earn. – I have been at this level for over 5 years, I like to consider this level the Hobbiest 🙂  The quotas you have to meet are WAY better than ever.  If you want more details let me know and I will fill you in!!
  • Earn Commissions as you build your own A&Z Team:
  • Want to try it out?  The New Consultant kit is $139 and includes Product Samples, Marketing Materials, Training & Support, A&Z Connection (the business hub) and the trial version of the business website (it’s $10.99 a month after the trial)

Want to sign up and start your business, or just learn more about it.  Log onto my website www.ahniandzoe.com/StefLorello to find out more.  I’m here to help you with ANY questions you have. Below is a pic of our Fast Start program and what you get for having parties and sharing your love of pictures.  You can earn an Ipad Mini.  How freaking cool is that???    Plus not only are you earning $ they are giving you $ for more products, which in all honesty you can use for yourself, give as gifts, or turn around and sell.  It’s up to you!!!! Fast Start Progrma QUESTIONS? Leave me a comment, Post on my facebook Page (Click here) or send me an email Stef.Lorello@gmail.com

Interested in hosting a party?  The first person to schedule a party with me will get 1 product FREE.  Send me and email and we will get it scheduled today!!

Just interested in ordering?? Send me an email at Stef.Lorello@gmail.com and I will add your order to the group for this party!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  See you in a bit with the next post!!!  NEXT POST:  Holiday Gift Guide & Ordering Deadlines


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