Ahni & Zoe Preview: Post #7 – Holiday Gift Guide and Ordering Deadlines

Loving what you are seeing yet?  Think some of it would make great gifts?  We then it’s time to get ordering!  To help figure out what item is best for your gift giving needs check out the Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday Gift Guide

The clock is ticking on Holiday Delivery:


If you order directly on my website http://www.ahniandzoe.com/steflorello orders placed –

  • before December 16th will get to you before Christmas
  • up until the 19th will make it using Overnight or 2nd day air shipping.

If you are going to order through me, need to have some extra time so that I can be sure to get it to you.  So this party will be closing on December 12th

QUESTIONS? Leave me a comment, Post on my facebook Page (Click here) or send me an email Stef.Lorello@gmail.com

Interested in hosting a party?  The first person to schedule a party with me will get 1 product FREE.  Send me and email and we will get it scheduled today!!

Just interested in ordering?? Send me an email at Stef.Lorello@gmail.com and I will add your order to the group for this party!!!

Thank you so much for learning about Ahni & Zoe.  I will be posting more throughout the week.  we have a new iPhone app coming called Inawink.  A great way to have your pictures automatically printed, one less thing to think about right?  And I am going to get a couple of projects done so I will be sharing those as well.

Thank you again for sharing my excitement for this venture, and don’t worry this isn’t all I am going to be posting about, I will get back to being “organized” soon  🙂

Thanks again



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