Last Minute Projects…get them all done by Christmas


While I am done Christmas shopping already, and even some of the gifts have been mailed off to family out of state, I do still have some projects that I need to tackle before Santa visits our home!!!

So how do you tackle getting things done while still dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and everything that comes with it?    It’s all about prioritization.  If you are making something for the first time, be sure to leave a little extra time.   Let’s face it you are Super Woman/Man but things come up.  My excuse is that I have a toddler running around chasing after me making everything take twice as long to complete when I am at home.  Case in point, said toddler has stopped me from writing 3 times already.  This post is taking forever to write!!  🙂

For the things that you have made before, crank those out, just get them done.  I have a couple of photo gifts I have to make and although I will do all of the printing at home, it’s best to not be doing these on Christmas eve!


  • Photo prints
  • Small photo story book
  • Blanket
  • Fast to Fabulous book

While this seems to be a lengthy list of things to complete in short time.  It’s doable.  And don’t worry I will be posting throughout the time.  Some posts may have to wait until after Christmas so that certain people don’t see what they are getting.  But at least with some time off of work it’s doable to get all of this done.

Hope you are staying on track with your Christmas Mayhem.  Thanks for visiting today!!



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