Fast2Fabulous album COMPLETE!!!!

So I was going to try to make this album in secret and give it to my husband for Christmas, but then that didn’t work so…. here it is.  It’s an album written in my Son and dog’s perspectives.  Kind of a story about their friendship!!!!

I used the Annie Get your Gumball Fast2Fabulous Album


Here is what I used to complete the album

  • 60+ Pictures, there are spots for up to 72 pictures but you could fit more if you wanted
  • Tape Runner
  • Marker

IMG_6631How long did it take for me to finish the album? 2 HOURS!!!

I started at 8:51 by 9:51 I had all of the pictures sorted and taped down.  By 11:22 I was done with all of the Journaling and that’s with watching 2 Christmas specials on TV.  Add page protectors and the book is done!!!

It’s that easy…

I didn’t add any extra embellishments but there is a ton of room for them.    Here is the gallery of the finished product.  You can also find the pictures on my Facebook page 

Hope you like it.  If you think this is something that you would like to make let me know and you can order one of the 11 different Fast to Fabulous albums by Ahni & Zoe.  I know that we all don’t have a lot of time and scrapbooking can seem daunting, but with the NEW Ahni & Zoe line of products, it’s about getting your pictures out for everybody to enjoy in the more efficient way possible!!!



Thanks for visiting today



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