Layout ideas: It’s all about the pictures

When I am scrapbooking I think about what even I am putting into a book.  Sometimes if I don’t have a lot of pictures then adding embellishments and extra papers is necessary to fill up the page.  Other times there are more than enough pictures to fill an entire page.  Also, if the pictures are really busy it’s sometimes overkill to add extra stuff.

With some of our recent trips to Chicago there is so much going on in pictures that the layouts need to just be, simple.

Let’s face it, I was working on this book really fast too.  Had a coupon code I had to use!!  But, at the end of the day it’s all about the pictures and the stories behind them.    Enjoy these layouts and happy memory making with your pictures!!!!

2013 Scrapbook - Page 009

2013 Scrapbook - Page 017

2013 Scrapbook - Page 020

2013 Scrapbook - Page 030

2013 Scrapbook - Page 031


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