New Years Resolution…A decluttered organized life?

It’s that time of year again when everbody starts shouting their new years resolutions, “It’s a new year time for a new start”, “I am going to lose weight”, “I’m going to overhaul my life style” My favorite is “I’m going to get organized”  I feel like I am a pretty organized person, you have seen what I have done, but my home is still Chaos.  Yes I have a 2 year old that dumps his toys everywhere.  But, those at least I can contain at the end of the day.  My biggest issues are things getting dumped in my space.  So that is my biggest hurdle, what can I do to make my space, my space and declutter everything else?   The biggest issues is that I am kind of a self proclaimed pack rat.  Not with everything just Mail.  Maybe my husband was right, I do need the Neat Desk Organizer.  When I was little my most favorite gift ever was when my grandmother would bring me a big box of junk mail.  I mean seriously it was awesome.  It would keep me entertained for hours.  Also my favorite store to go into was HH West, I don’t think they exist any more but they were a fancy office supply company.  When I got to go in there to get something it was so cool and such a treat for me!

Ok now that you know I am truely weird and have a very strange addiction to office supplies I need to harness this energy and figure out the best way for my area to be the most productive area in our little apartment.  Clearly I spend a lot of time on my computer whether I am scrapbooking, writing blog posts, or just playing mind numbing games after a long day at work. 

Here are some easy tips for getting the clutter out of your life and getting yourself onto an Organized Life.  This tips work for your closet too  😉

  • Have I used it in 6 months?
  • Am I going to miss it if it’s gone?
  • Can I recycle this and use it for something else like a gift – Great thought for old CDs/DVDs, Containers, – More blog posts to come on this one
  • Keep a running list of projects you want to do.  Make sure you can see it so that you are reminded that you want to get that done.  You will feel really good when you cross it off the list.
  • Live to keep it simple.  If you have a system that is too difficult to maintain you will never maintain it. 

There are more and if you subscribe to any email catalog or news letter they are going to throw in their two cents about what is the best way to organize.  Remember organizing doesn’t have to break the bank, it can very very quickly, you just have to have a plan and then stick with it. 

Want some more realistic organizing advice?  Leave your comments below and I will gladly help you out. 

Hope everybody has a safe and wonderful New Year!!!!!  Here’s to 2014!



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