Weekly Family planner in action…

So I wanted to show some of the things that I make in action.  Just to prove that yes they are usable and that I also don’t come up with these things and then just toss them aside. 

Here is the Weekly Family Planner in action.  So far it’s been really nice to have everything in one spot.  Now the key is to not lose the packet of paper among all of my piles of other stuff.  Working on that too, how do you think I keep coming up with blog posts?!?!

Here are some pictures of how I have filled out our Family Planner.


What types of things would you put in your family planner?

Hope everybody has a great rest of their week!!!!



Easy & Inexpensive Wall Art: Patches

It’s been a while since I posted about a project and I wanted to share this really inexpensive personalized project and is great for any sports fan.

My husband started collecting patches.  Typically they are the ones that players wear on their sports jerseys.  If you are a sports fan and pay attention to the jerseys you will notice the patches typically on the upper arm.   They can be found on most team websites and of course eBay.



I got a frame for $2.99 at Target, FYI it’s less expensive if you have a Red Card.

I cut black card stock to size

I remove all of the backing out of the frame and adhere the patches using double sided tape.

Put the frame back together and done!!!!

Takes just a couple of minutes to put together and it looks great on the wall.

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Photo Deals going on this week

Photo Gfits

So, Valentines day is coming and that means it’s time to make photo gifts.  Here are some deals going on this week to help keep your costs down on getting those photo gifts done.


Ending tomorrow (Monday 1/27)

up to 50% off photo books and gifts


Ending tonight 1/26

Up to 55% off photo gifts

Don’t like the layouts that you see on either of these sites for your card needs.  Want something super personalized, maybe with a specific quote or style.  I can help.  Visit the Custom Cards section of the Page (upper right menu) or click this link  CLICK HERE

For a small fee you can get Exactly what you want and still use the deals and steals from these sites to get your cards printed!!!!  Feel free to comment on this post if you have questions.

Hope everybody has a great week!!!!


Snow, Cold, Stuck in the House? What do you do with your day?


I will more than likely be expanding my weekend to do list with things to do while we are stuck in the house because it’s going to snow AGAIN!.

I just have to embrace that this is our first year living in IL and we are going to break snow records.   So in that case we have to prepare.  Prepare to have enough food in the house to cook enough meals to be ready.  After all, if you are prepared the snow won’t come.  Right?  So, no matter what the weather does I’m hoping for a productive weekend.

Here is what we got done already today:

  • Coupons Clipped
  • Grocery Shopped
  • Planning out my week of blog posts for both blogs
  • Relaxed as much as my 2 year old would let me.

If you are stuck at home, what do you do to be the most productive??

So here is to a couple of inches of more of the white stuff and then a brutal wind that will blow it EVERYWHERE.    To those readers that live in warmer climates, I am jealous but feel free to comment on why your area is the best. We are going to move to warmer climate at some point and need to decide where.  🙂

Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of their weekend!!!!!


Weekly Family Planner – my solution to a productive household

So remember that post I did of my weekend to do list?  Yeah I am STILL working on that list and I did that post a month ago.  I have made a ton of progress and as with any to do list, more gets added.  So I started thinking about my todo lists and how I have no set way of making one every month.  I wanted something that was easy and manageable.

I love the idea of a family binder and I was thinking that there are a couple of key things that I write down on a daily/weekly basis.  So I made this Weekly Organizer.  I print it off on Sunday, use it for the week and then roll forward anything that didn’t get accomplished the week before into the next week.

I can keep it on the counter so that if my husband wants to add anything he can and that’s awesome.  It will help keep us both on the same page so we know what’s going on and we can get a lot accomplished.  My feeling is that if we can work together and be productive it is way easier than me trying to be productive for everybody.   Which then give us more downtime on the couch, fingers crossed!!!!!

Right now our Family ToDo list is pretty simple.

  • Page 1:  ToDos
  • Page 2:  Shopping (Grocery vs Non-Grocery)
  • Page 3:  Calendar – just for the week and has spots for meals and appointments
  • Page 4:  Every Day Tasks that you can just check off.

Page 1:


Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


I am also attaching a template version of what is posted above.  It’s a Word document so then you can change it to be specific for your family.

Weekly Family Planner – Template

Hope you enjoyed this idea of an organized and productive family.

Talk to you all soon!!!


Organization 101: Keep it simple, Keep it Balanced

The January 2014 issue of Real Simple Magazine has really been an inspiration to my organized life.

One Article in particular talked about the 9 Rules of Balanced Organizing

photo (27)

I mean really?  An article that is just one page tells a lot!!!! Here are the 9 mantras

  1. One in, one out:  Whenever something enters your home, give another item the boot.
  2. Thou shalt not transfer clutter:  Don’t bury the den to save the dining room
  3. Just (to) do it:  Consolidate all your to-do items into a single check-list, whether on your phone or on your refrigerator.
  4. A to Z (not A.D.D):  Fix one spot start to finish rather than jumping around from mess to mess
  5. Keep it where you use it:  Stash toner with the printer, chandelier bulbs in the dining-room console
  6. Have a place for nothing:  Aim to create one empty cabinet, shelf, or drawer in each room.  It’s your backup spot when the balance tips.  (and it will tip)
  7. Make Labels, not war:  Mark shelves, bins, and boxes so everyone in your home can help put things away.
  8. Doubles are trouble:  You don’t need two can openers or five pairs of tweezers.  Toss duplicates
  9. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again:  Organizing is a circle, not a straight line.  Roll with it.

What mantras are you going to live by?  Remember to keep it simple don’t try to do everything at once that only leads to burn out (it’s the same with diet and weight loss people!)

Have a great rest of your week!!!!!


Custom cards – now creating just for YOU!

Would you love to have custom cards to send to your family and friends for whatever occasion?

I am now creating cards for all of your card giving needs.

Examples include

  • Valentines
  • Graduation Announcements
  • Wedding/Engagement Announcements
  • Thank you Notes
  • And so much more


Thank you

For $5, per card (Payable via PayPal or check) I will create it for you and send you the JPG file so that you can get it printed yourself.  Or I will print it for you and have it shipped directly to you.  You just pay the normal printing and shipping charges to me. I am going to be working on examples of other cards.  But please look back at my posts from October to see what I created during my 31 Days of Christmas.

They can be any kind of card, post card, half fold card.  Anything to meet your needs.  If you want a compilation of cards Wedding, shower, thank you, Get well etc we can work out a Package deal!

Please comment on this post or send me an email at Stef.Lorello@gmail.com to get started today.

Hope to hear from you soon!!


Time Saver: Organizing email

email symbol on row of colourful envelopes

In the digital world there are emails flying all over the place.  So much time is spent sorting, reading, deleting and replying to those pesky messages.  Thank goodness for the span filter to keep the “crap” emails out of your inbox.  However, everything in that spam folder isn’t always spam.

I know my Gmail account starting moving things to spam after I have deleted it a bunch.  So, it’s important to make sure you are getting all of your messages.  You never know what you are going to miss.

I get hundreds of emails in a week.  Most of them I delete mainly because I don’t have “time” to read them.  Or, I didn’t think I had the time.  I sale alerts, surveys, bills, newsletters and so much more

So, my plan is to take my emails and pre-sort them into folders using filters, another feature of a gmail account.  Then on specific days during the week I will look at those particular folders and get rid of what I have read or don’t need.

Here are some of the categories that I am going to sort messages and what day I plan to look at those folders.

  • Coupons (Wednesday)
  • Photo printing (Saturday)
  • Weekly Sale adds (Sunday)
  • Bills (Thursday)
  • Newsletters (Tuesday)

Once you get in a groove with reading your messages, challenge yourself to unsubscribe from those mailings that are not relevant to keep your folders de-cluttered.

I changed the name of my Facebook page to The Crafty Organizer I thought it was more fitting for what I post here.  Be sure to check it out and like my page for some extra things that I don’t necessarily blog about  🙂

I have a whole bunch of posts planned so stay tuned.

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See you all soon