Snow, Cold, Stuck in the House? What do you do with your day?


I will more than likely be expanding my weekend to do list with things to do while we are stuck in the house because it’s going to snow AGAIN!.

I just have to embrace that this is our first year living in IL and we are going to break snow records.   So in that case we have to prepare.  Prepare to have enough food in the house to cook enough meals to be ready.  After all, if you are prepared the snow won’t come.  Right?  So, no matter what the weather does I’m hoping for a productive weekend.

Here is what we got done already today:

  • Coupons Clipped
  • Grocery Shopped
  • Planning out my week of blog posts for both blogs
  • Relaxed as much as my 2 year old would let me.

If you are stuck at home, what do you do to be the most productive??

So here is to a couple of inches of more of the white stuff and then a brutal wind that will blow it EVERYWHERE.    To those readers that live in warmer climates, I am jealous but feel free to comment on why your area is the best. We are going to move to warmer climate at some point and need to decide where.  🙂

Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of their weekend!!!!!



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