Making & Organizing your own velum

As you have already seen I am breaking into the card making business, mainly because I have all of these supplies and nothing to do with them.  I do digital scrapbooking for all of our yearly books so not much use for paper.  I love making and giving handmade cards.  I’m not as good as a lot of the “card maker” crowd but it’s the creativity that counts right.  You are going to be seeing a lot more cards as I am making them and hopefully getting them up on an etsy page soon!  The one thing I love about cards and traditional scrapbooking is velum.  I don’t know why but I always liked the way it looked and it’s perfect for quotes.  But, the issue I found is that you buy a pack of quotes and you only need like one or two or the others are not relevant to you needs.  So, a while back I bought a pack of velum paper at my local office supply store and this weekend I decided that I was going to make my own.  It worked great!!!  Any size any words it’s awesome.  I now can create a perfect saying or embellishment for my every need.  I’m so excited about this.  Here is what things look like!




Printed and cut apart

So now I have created all of these extra little sheets of paper that could easily be thrown all over the place by my two year old so it was VERY important that they be contained immediately.

So I used a mini catalog envelope.  I sealed it and cut it in half.  I labeled (aka wrote on with a marker) and hung from the magnetic strips on my desk.  Now I have embellishments at my fingertips at all times.



Hope you enjoyed today’s project.  Come back on Wednesday to see the velums in action!!!!!

Have a great evening!



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