Got Stamps? Make them art

So around Christmas I saw that the U.S. Postal service was coming out with some cool stamp collections.  Knowing that my husband was a fan of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash I thought I would get him the sets for Christmas.   When I was shopping on the USPS website I found that there were Miles Davis ones too so I got him those as well.

Fast forward to a week before Christmas and I am wrapping gifts.  I knew full well I couldn’t just wrap up the stamps and say “Here you go honey” and leave it at that.  Let’s face it I would end up having to display them somehow anyway so why not do it before he opens the gift.  So I happened to have a 12×12 frame laying around for something else we were going to frame.  You can get these really cheap at Michaels.  I then used Clear Photo Corners to mount the stamps.  I knew I didn’t want to straight mount them because face it they are stamps, it’s like money so I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of the stamp.  So, photo corners it was.  A little overlap is okay the other 3 corners kept it secure.

So now we have another piece of art on the wall made for only a couple dollars!!!


Thanks for checking it out.  Time to get working on some photo cards that I can share with you  😉



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