Pens & Paper – Can too much hinder productivity?

I love office supplies.  I could spend hours and hours in a Staples or an Office Max.  Now that I work for an Office Supply Wholesale/Distribution company I have access to even more.

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Organizing for productivity

Last weekend I was in an organizing mood and was a little anxious about being more organized.  Let’s face it you can’t be 100% organized all of the time.  It’s not even an option when you have a toddler and another job.  At least it isn’t for me.  So with starting the Etsy Site and trying to make sure I have everything ready if I get orders I wanted to make sure I had all of my stuff in one spot instead of piled in a bin.

Here is the Before…



So with an inexpensive file bin from Staples and hanging file folders that I already had here is my newly organized file box


I have my box of cards at the front of the bin with what I already have listed for sale.  I have all of my Paper and embellishments in the folders ready to go when I need them.  I will also have spots for specific projects if I have to pre-cut or don’t have them put together yet.

and this is what my bin looks like now.  It’s just my tools



It’s all about things having a place and making sure they are organized logically.  For example I separated my stickers into Alphabets vs Embellishments.  Why?  Because then I don’t have to sort through them all if I am looking for one or the other.

So then with my new motivation for organizing I helped a friend get all of her scrapbook stuff organized.  The Pictures with the papers she was going to use.  So then it will be much easier for her to get going on her projects because everything is no longer in a huge daunting pile that is easier to ignore.  😀

Putting everything in one spot make productivity that much easier.  Let’s see how many projects I can crank out this weekend.  Stay tuned for more posts!!!

Tomorrow’s post – Can too many pens & pads of paper hamper productivity???

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Sizzix Deal on

Hi everybody had to share the great deal that I got on a Sizzix BigKick machine on

I just got the Machine and 2 dies for $54.89.  CLICK HERE

Today the Bundle is $60.99

Sign up for emails and get an additional 10% off

All orders over $50 are FREE SHIPPING

So the math works to $54.89



The deal includes the following

      The Sizzix BIGkick machine with two die designs will emboss or etch beautiful designs onto different shapes of Vintaj blanks. Included with the BIGkick is a pair of standard cutting pads and the solo platform and shim for your convenience.
    • Color: Tan, brown, turquoise
    • Model: 30291
    • Accommodates material up to: 6 inches x 12 inches
    • Designs included: Wildflower vines, forgotten times
    • Type of cartridge or die included: DecoEtch & DecoEmboss dies for use with Vintaj metal blanks and malleable metals only.(Other dies sold separately)
    • Kit, package or single item: Kit
    • Product can be used with: Dies also compatible with Big Shot, BIGkick, Big Shot Pro
    • Embossing: Yes
    • Suggested user level: All
    • Included accessories: Standard cutting pads, solo platform/ shim
    • Materials: Solid core steel rollers, unibody cast roller housing, solid steel gears, high torque motor, ABS plastic exterior
    • Dimensions: 12-1/4 inches x 6 inches x 14.5 inches
    • Imported


Easter Cards are coming!!!!

I posted the first of many Easter Cards coming on the Etsy site!!!  The best thing about digital cards is that they are subjective.

Wand more tulips?? I can add more tulips.  

Want squires instead of bunnies?  DONE.  

Want more than 1 picture?  Easy.  

Click on the picture to go to my site WarmTidings

Easter Card 1


Want a custom card, invite, announcement?   Send me an email at and we can get started.  All digital cards cost just $5 payable via PayPal or check or if you go through the Etsy site you can pay with a credit card.

Available in any size you want.  I mainly work in 5×7 or 4×6 but as you will see on the Etsy site there are 4×8 there too  🙂

I will email you the digital file in a high resolution JPEG format.  I will also send you the link to the file uploaded to shutterfly, along with coupon codes if applicable, so all you have to do is order.

I would love feedback on any thing you would like to see.

Here is what’s coming yet….

I am working on packs of 5 physical cards both religious and secular.  Hoping to have those posted this weekend.

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New items added to the Etsy Site – WarmTidings

Cars Invite

Hi Everybody,

I have been trying to keep up with getting some custom cards made.  I had one person take advantage of the “Free Design” My custom card gallery has been updated Check it out HERE

Interested in have a card created especially for you?  Each card is only $5 with unlimited revisions!!!  More information in the Custom cards section on the Top Right of the page.

Otherwise go and check out my Etsy page WarmTidings

Any questions please feel free to send me an email at!!!!

Hope you like the latest creations!!!


Sports Jersey Invitations

Hope everybody had a great weekend.  Here is something new I have been working on.  I would love some feedback.

Check out my Etsy page for the listing. More to come with the different price points and color variations

Etsy Site:  Warm Tidings – Jersey Invitation






I created a template for the Jersey and found numbers online to use as a stencil.  So with some printing and an X-Acto knife.  Here they are.

I am selling in bundles and will ship anywhere.    More versions are on their way.

Hope you enjoyed this project.  See you later in the week with more fun stuff!!!!


Well Wishes Wednesday: Using up the scraps

Happy Wednesday everybody!!!   Hope everybody is having a great week so far.  More snow coming here in the Mid-west.  We are so ready for spring here.  Or just normal temperatures at this point.  I don’t need 80 I would just settle for a consistent 40 degrees!

I am continuing to put my homemade velums to work with two cards.   I knew I wanted to make a card that utilized my wavy cutter and what better color scheme than blues when you are dealing with waves.


For the Anniversary Card I layered a series of wavy pieces and attached a “Happy Anniversary” Velum printed in blue ink.  So because I had cut strips that were longer than the card.  I also had some extra strips that I didn’t use.  So I knew that I didn’t want to just throw out the scraps so I created the Happy Birthday card


I cut up the extra wavy pieces to make it look like Confetti with the Happy Birthday falling into the pile of Confetti.  When I was done with the card I thought it needed a little something extra so I glued blue sequins and some extra bling around the “happy birthday”

Hope you liked these card ideas.  Be sure to check out my Etsy Page – WarmTidings with Handmade cards for sale and digital invitations and cards coming soon!!!

See you Friday!!


Easy and inexpensive Cami Organization

I know this is kind of a random post, but it’s been something that has been bugging me in my closet.  I hang all of my clothes mainly because I don’t have my own dresser so I have to hang up my cami’s.

Here is how I had them previously organized


And here is after.


Items needed:

  • Large Paper Clips
  • Pants Hanger – preferably with a rubber covering.


Open up the paper clips enough so you can get the top on and off easily.  Clip slides on the hanger and the rubber cover keeps the paperclips from sliding.

It’s a super easy project but has done wonders for keeping my frustration down with getting clothes ready for the next day.

Have a great week, be back Wednesday with Well Wishes Wednesday!