Well Wishes Wednesday: Using up the scraps

Happy Wednesday everybody!!!   Hope everybody is having a great week so far.  More snow coming here in the Mid-west.  We are so ready for spring here.  Or just normal temperatures at this point.  I don’t need 80 I would just settle for a consistent 40 degrees!

I am continuing to put my homemade velums to work with two cards.   I knew I wanted to make a card that utilized my wavy cutter and what better color scheme than blues when you are dealing with waves.


For the Anniversary Card I layered a series of wavy pieces and attached a “Happy Anniversary” Velum printed in blue ink.  So because I had cut strips that were longer than the card.  I also had some extra strips that I didn’t use.  So I knew that I didn’t want to just throw out the scraps so I created the Happy Birthday card


I cut up the extra wavy pieces to make it look like Confetti with the Happy Birthday falling into the pile of Confetti.  When I was done with the card I thought it needed a little something extra so I glued blue sequins and some extra bling around the “happy birthday”

Hope you liked these card ideas.  Be sure to check out my Etsy Page – WarmTidings with Handmade cards for sale and digital invitations and cards coming soon!!!

See you Friday!!



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