Coming up with new ideas

Where do you come up with your new ideas?  

I will always remember in the movie “The First Wives Club” when Goldie Hawn is running on the treadmill and she says “I get all my ideas when I’m working out”.  That’s like me when I am in the shower.  I come up with all of these great ideas and then I have to run out and write them down.  If I don’t write them down it doesn’t get done, that’s just the way it is in my world.

Tonight I came up with a whole business plan for my up and coming Etsy Business – WarmTidings.  Check out my site HERE

Here are my goals for making my new business work for me

  • Come up with a solid game plan
  • Break up the plan into smaller steps
  • Come up with a deadline
  • Have a plan in place for when things actually start selling (shipping creating etc.)
  • Plan accordingly for creation time and set aside specific time (I do have a full time job too)

I am really excited for this process.  I was in direct sales for over 5 years and I never felt like it was mine, but this is all me and it’s great.  I have always wanted my own business and wanted to have something of my own.  Now I have to make it successful.

Anybody out there have any tips for making a home based business successful?  What type of promoting do you do?

Thanks for stopping!




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